Reign of the Morons – 2

Because in the Stupid Morons’ brains, everything they conceive seems “logical”. That’s probably the reason God warns against trying to reason with them. If you have a difficult time believing that anyone could be that stupid, I did too until I met a number of Trump’ supporters. Keep in mind that the label “Stupid” doesn’t imply lack of school education. Contrary to popular belief, great many Trump’ supporters have a college degree; some are even employed in mid to upper level management. So, it might sound contradictory to refer to those “educated” individuals as “Stupid Morons” but don’t be fooled, they are indeed morons in every sense of the word. My mother used to say that anyone can go to school to learn to read, to become very good at solving math problems or to even become excellent at writing proses but no one can become educated by going to school. She was a very wise woman, a prophet even. This year, it is proven under our very eyes that college education even at an Ivy League School doesn’t make any of the Trump’ supporters any less stupid.

2 thoughts on “Reign of the Morons – 2

  1. While I appreciate the rhetoric, I’m looking for verifiable acts to back this up, which is what you’ll need to take on this monster. Make no mistake; I am on your side, but unless you have something other than pretty verbiage, this is going nowhere.

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