Reign of the Morons

Warning: Reign of the Morons series is not for the faint of heart. Trump’ supporters must avoid reading this series or obtain “teeth grinding protector” to avoid complete erosion of their teeth. Beware!

With this column, I open a series (Reign of the Morons) on the “morons” who got Trump elected. I will illustrate each and every time why they are considered and classified as morons; some will most likely die morons, others would see the light and wish they had never listened to and believed the buffoon in the Oval Office today. I do not expect the series to bring many fans since the purpose is 1) to point out society entrenched bias and lunacy 2) to leave a warning to subsequent generations. My hope is that future generations become smarter than their “moron parents” and can thus avoid to repeat “tragic” mistakes their ancestors made when they elected the current president. Back to the Reign of the Morons! Although I discussed in the past the different types of morons who have backed Trump, it’s worth revisiting it here in order to keep the “Reign of the Morons” in context.


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