Reign of the Morons

How is it possible that morons can thrive in such a sophisticated world? How is that even possible? How could that be the case here in the United States?

First, let me clarify my use of the word “morons” to refer to those who supported and voted for Mr. Trump and are now out in full force defending his presidency. Although I admit the word is insulting, I find it appropriate because the underlying intent is to classify not to insult. There is not much difference on the surface I know but its use is warranted. I use the word “moron” in much the same way I would use the words “physician” and “lawyer” and “engineer”. To illustrate, if you are an engineer and I call you engineer, you should have no problem with that, right? What if the word “engineer” were to be considered insulting (in some distant planet), what would I call you then? You would still be an engineer regardless how people dance around to say it. – Besides, I have no patience to try to spare feeling when the very individuals (the morons) go out of their way to insult others. – Having said that, that is the context within which I use the word “moron”. Once again, I understand it is insulting but the individuals I refer to are “morons”, – I intend to prove it beyond reasonable doubts – there is no other way to put it.
Now that I got that out of the way, let’s move on.


What would you add?

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