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If someone were to be from another planet, he would be confused as to whether the presidential campaign season is still ongoing. I am still trying to figure that out. To judge by the non-stop tweeting of the president, and the sheer size of the crowds on the streets (protesting of course), it’s difficult to draw a line where one ends and the other begins.

But that’s not what I wish to talk to you about today.

The campaign season is over. Thank God. It was a very tiring process. What’s different this time is the reaction to the victor. Even the resentment expressed by the Democrats in 2000 (towards George W. Bush) when the court literally handed George W. Bush the presidency cannot be compared to what’s being expressed this time around. Ironically, per the process and according to the Constitution, Donald Trump won the electoral college, thus becomes and is legitimately the 45th president of the United States.

While Democrats, most Independents and some “truly” conservative Republicans are shocked by the way he is running the country, I am shocked those people are shocked. Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency in a very trumpistic way; he campaigned during the primaries in very unorthodox fashion and he glided into the Oval Office the way one would expect Trump to do. So, there is really nothing to be shocked about. Donald Trump is Defiant, which brings me to my new book Defiant for America (available everywhere).

Both Trump’s supporters and his enemies or opponents should get a copy of Defiant for America. The book caters to both sides; here is the gist of it.

To those who supported and voted Trump to the presidency, Defiant for America paints the picture of the man you have come to admire and trust would restore America’s greatness. In the book, you will get to read about the “real” Donald Trump (pun intended) and understand where he’s coming from and why he does what he does. He beat all odds to win the presidency, read how he might beat the odds as president and even manage to secure a second term.

To the Democrats (and all those who abstained from voting), Defiant for America is a guide to help you understand President Trump. Yes, I do understand him a great deal. I predicted pretty much everything which had happened during the presidential elections. Don’t believe me? Read my past articles about the 2016 presidential elections on this blog. I even predicted Trump would be the Republican nominee (three months before it happened) despite strong and concerted opposition from the Republican Party elites and powerbrokers. Yes, I do understand a great deal about his psyche.

I know Democrats don’t know much about the 45th president. How in the world would I know that? Duh! However, Defiant for America offers a solution Democrats need to read about if they want to prevent Mr. Trump from securing a second term in the Oval Office.

Let the race begins!

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