Where Are The Watchmen?



It’s not about the movie; sorry to disappoint you. It’s about something much, much more important. It’s about the fate of the country; it’s about those who are supposed to watch out for signs of impending danger. Well, it’s about the watchmen.

What happens when the watchmen decide not to watch, become lazy at the job or are simply paid off to turn a blind eye? Don’t answer that.

The very point of having watchmen is to keep an eye on something important, valuable, would you agree? Before you give an answer, what would be the point of watching something which is not important? Well, then! So, we are in agreement that watchmen have a very important job. The question we asked earlier seems relevant, what happens when the watchmen are paid to turn a blind eye? You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out but I couldn’t help pondering, don’t the watchmen already get paid?

Welcome to American Greed!

A long, long, long time ago, journalists used to be watchmen; they used to be extremely vigilant because they used to take their job seriously. Not only did they use to be conscientious watchmen but they also used to represent the voice of The People. Even journalists who operated in “undemocratic” (dictators governing with an iron fist) and less democratic countries would risk their lives to perform the “sacred” duty of watchmen. To those journalists (of the past), to investigate, to report was not just a job; it was a sacrosanct duty to inform The People of (their) government wrongdoing, of officials’ corruptions.  Many of those journalists gave their lives and died as watchmen; some who were tortured did not compromise the ethics of their duty or abandon its integrity. Those journalists were genuine.

That was a very long time ago.

Enter Fox Opinion. – known and referred to by most as Fox News And the news business will never be the same again.

In the next column (Part 2), I will explore how Fox Opinion has managed to drastically reduced the importance of news and information and substituted gossips, hearsays, rumors and rants as news of the day.

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