Secretary of Russia Is Now President of the United States

3) Donald Trump helped Russia – although this also can be construed as conspiracy theory today, I cannot discard the possibility that Mr. Trump may have actively participated (through his proxies: his former manager Paul Manafort has strong tie to Russia, Ivanka Trump went to Croatia and met with Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend in the middle of the campaign) in passing information to Russia in order to assure a victory last November.

As pointed out in all three bulleted points, it is still within the realm of conspiracy theory but it’s not to be discarded outright. There are enough information which prove more than reject the possibility that Donald Trump is indeed an agent of the Russian government.
Be it by accident, voluntarily or coercively, it is impossible to deny that Donald Trump is somewhat relating information to Russia, making thus the first Secretary of Russia who has occupied the Oval Office.

The Russians Are coming.

Don’t Panic! The series Reign of the Morons will continue. In the next column, I will discuss four major factors which might help to decipher the mystery of moronarchy (making bad decisions together), the first factor will be to look into the “mass illusion of Trump’ supporters”. Stay tuned!

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