Secretary of Russia Is Now President of the United States

While it seems that Russia’s meddling (or hack) into the 2016 presidential election was simply an act of foreign involvement to sway the outcome of the election in order to have a Russia friendly US president, the information which has thus far been revealed to the public by US intelligence agencies (Homeland Security, NSA, FBI, CIA) leave room to speculate that

1) Donald Trump had prior knowledge – although this can be construed as conspiracy theory today, Mr. Trump’s behavior throughout the general elections in regards to the polls showed confidence of someone who was assured of a certain outcome. Even when Hillary was leading by double digit, Mr. Trump was unfazed and continued to advance he will win the election. Of course, most in the media interpreted his statement as part of the weirdness, the outrageousness he had displayed throughout the election. But it is most likely he knew something…


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