Secretary of Russia Is Now President of the United States

I have begun a campaign to debunk Republican patriotism claim, for it doesn’t suffice to simply claim being patriot. One must live it every day; patriotism requires sacrifices that most Republicans prove they’re not willing to make.  As I pointed out several times here, if they continue to claim they’re patriots, it’s either they have no clue what being patriotic means or they are simply dishonest.

It is rather ironic that Republicans had spent eight years attempting to delegitimize Obama’s presidency but seem so forgiving towards Donald Trump who has publicly threatened US democracy and jeopardized US’ sovereignty. (I even argued against the United States trampling other country’ sovereignty, let alone condone another country trampling ours). But Donald Trump (and supporters) seems unfazed by Russia’s interference into our elections. Everyone is afraid to state the obvious, Donald Trump speaks much like the Secretary of Russia.


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