Can Donald Trump Be A Good President?

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Click the right Trump for $1,000


With the shadow of his inauguration overcoming everything else happening in the country and across the world, it is quite appropriate to ponder over what it means for Donald Trump to occupy the Oval Office.

Is there any chance at all that Donald Trump may become a good president? The people who got him elected seem to think so, can they all be wrong?

The answer is as complicated as the question is simple; how many times have we made the wrong decision to buy a product because of a great commercial we heard on the radio or saw on TV? How many times have we bypassed a generic product for a brand name to find out from friends (and others) that the generic is actually much better (in taste, in quality) than the brand name?

Those (and many other life experiences) got me to consider giving the benefit of the doubt to Donald Trump but there are many factors which make it obvious I could be wrong. First and foremost, I was warned by the Bible in many different ways that it’s foolish to dream of the possibility that Donald Trump could indeed be a good president. One particular passage in the Bible keeps coming back to whisper in my ears me over and over and over; Matthew 7:16 “By their fruit you will recognize them…”

At this juncture, the Republicans who like to claim they are Christian – although I think it’s time they should stop pretending – would have to make an incredibly life changing choice; they would either have to reject the Bible for being completely wrong, meaning we can no longer recognize the tree by its fruit; or they will have to accept the fact that Donald Trump cannot possibly become a good president. Because thus far, the fruit which has come from that tree is sour, bitter, downright rotten. Or, as I pointed out several times here in this blog, Trump’s supporters are blind; as I so eloquently put it, they are simply a bunch of morons.

Is there a chance at all that Donald would be a good president? As unpredictable as he is, one thing is inherently certain about Donald Trump, he is a very unsettling individual which is likely to have multiple personalities (schizophrenic), one of which has no control over what he says or does; definitely not a recipe for a good “anything”.

Besides that, of course! I assume here that he stops the act once he takes the oath of the Oval Office.

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