Common Sense for Idiots

From that point on, offenses such as those (which later included drug use; although practiced by whites, mostly blacks have been arrested and jailed) turned any struggling black individual – who was initially stripped off everything he had by the Whites – into a criminal. Generations later, the white society continues to look down on Blacks, completely unfazed by the fact that their grandparents, great grandparents are responsible for the predicament Blacks are now in.

By sheer luck, by miracle or because common sense has prevailed, NJ Governor Chris Christie has taken a different approach to the problem; instead of incarcerating those individuals who clearly need help, the state will provide them help instead of throwing them in jail. In the process, the governor will save the NJ taxpayers a lot of money. This move by Chris Christie should be replicated across the nation, if only for the reason it is ridiculous to consider the act of drug use, petty theft or any offense which does not threaten or cause physical harm to others as criminal.

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