Deplorables At The Gate


Republicans, well most Republicans, have no right to associate themselves with patriotism; in fact, they should not even be allowed to use the word, for they have proven beyond any doubt that patriotism is not their “thing”. I mentioned several times (here, here, here, here; actually I lost count) in this blog that Republicans are actually unpatriotic.

Of course, they always deny it; what else are they going to say? Who would admit to being wrong? But there is enough proof during the past year which makes it fairly easy to question whether those Republicans could even claim to be Americans. There is thus no better time than today to recap how unpatriotic Republicans in general have been. For the past eight years, to the detriment of their fellow constituents, to the detriment of the Republican adepts but most importantly to the detriment of the country, Republican Legislators, Leaders and Powerbroker both in Washington and elsewhere had waged a full out war against Obama and his administration. They had opposed everything Obama tried to do for the country; they set roadblocks everywhere and with the help of their mouthpiece Fox Opinion (known and referred to by most as Fox News) they had brainwashed everyone in the Republican Party to oppose Obama in everything, even when it was blatantly obvious they too would benefit of Obama’s effort. What a bunch of morons!

They had accused the president of being a foreigner; they had accused the president of trying to destroy the country; they had accused the president of having agendas to bring sharia laws into the country. But today, they have absolutely no qualm that the individual they elected to become president is very cozy with US No 1 enemy, Russia; they have no qualm to defend Trump for defending Russia. Even worse, the individual they elected to be the next president has been siding with US’ No 1 enemy and has publicly rejected the opinions of the intelligence agencies, the very institutions which have safeguarded our nation for over a century. But they want you to think they are patriotic. If they genuinely believe they are patriotic, there can only be two possible explanations a) they are completely clueless what patriotism means (in which case they would be morons and unpatriotic) b) or they are simply dishonest and unpatriotic.

Whichever it is, the United States is now in the hands of someone whose loyalty is not to the country; and since those who support him are not patriotic, they see no problem with that attitude; clearly, a situation we patriots cannot simply ignore or shrug off. While I am not yet sure the best advice to offer at this point, one thing is certain, 2017 has already started as a very bad year for those who cherish the country, for those who are true patriots.

Our enemy is at the gate, and the president-elect is his biggest ally.


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