Mitt Romney – A Man with no Moral Compass

One of the best decisions Donald Trump had made since he won the general election was to throw Mitt Romney out like a piece of trash and slammed the door behind him. I must say without any reservation that Mr. Romney deserves every bit of the treatment. He is a man with no moral compass.

As I was taking inventory of the past year, getting ready to focus on issues I would like to discuss here with you during the new year, it proves less and less possible for me to move on without addressing an issue that is much too common among those who claim they want to serve the country but in reality are self-serving bastards. Every now and then, I get to smile when one of those “selfish” politicians get caught with their pants down with the bright light of truth shone on them.

Mitt Romney deserves a bit more of the spotlight – from me this time – before I move on.  Just to be sure you know whom I am referring to here, let me quickly mention that Mitt Romney is a former governor of Massachusetts and also ran for president in 2012 against Barack Obama. Yes, that Mitt Romney!

It all started before anyone, including the vocal and outraged Trump’ supporters, would even reflect outloud over the prospect of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, let alone to fathom the idea that he could win the general elections; there were just a few contestants left: Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kasich & Ted Cruz; all others had already conceived “defeat” and exited the race.

On March 3, 2016, a heavyweight voice of the Republican Party, a former candidate for president, Mitt Romney took to the airwaves to deliver a no barrel, no-way out, no holding back, no excuse, no mincing words condemnation of Donald Trump as candidate for president. In his own words, Mitt Romney depicted Donald Trump as someone who should not be allowed as a candidate let alone to become the nominee of the Party. In so many words, Mitt Romney said that Donald Trump is not worth it. I am not making that up. I am much too shy to use those strong words.  Don’t believe me, here is the full video below.

Mitt on Donald Trump

As it should be obvious after watching the video, Mitt Romney was not just playing politics; he was dead serious; he sounds like a man with conviction. One would even say that Romney would have used whatever means necessary if there were any legitimate way to remove Donald Trump from the race. You could feel his anger, his disgust at the idea of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Ironically, the very next day – March 4, 2016 – following Mitt lambasting Trump, Ben Carson, also a candidate for president, exited the race and provided Trump his full endorsement. Two weeks later, on March 15, 2016, Marco Rubio also exited the race but failed short of providing any endorsement. Left to race for the GOP nomination were Donald Trump and Ted Cruz; well, John Kasich was still around but much like a third wheel.

There were many pundits who doubted Mitt Romney’ condemnation speech of Donald Trump. He didn’t offer a solution or an alternative. But Mitt Romney is not one to let anyone doubt his stance, especially vis-à-vis Donald Trump; so, he did what any man with such strong conviction would; he made another statement. On June 29, 2016, to shore up his position in regards to the damning speech he gave about Trump, Mitt Romney stated “My conscience would not allow me to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton” when he was asked whether he would vote for the GOP nominee after Donald Trump had clinched the Republican nomination. He left no ambiguity that despite the fact Trump was by then the official nominee of the Republican Party, he would not vote for Trump. By any analysis, Mitt Romney was a man with unwavering conviction.

Until President elect Donald Trump floated the idea of considering him for the post of Secretary of State. Completely unaware or oblivious that Trump would never hand him any post in his cabinet, Mitt Romney, the man with the strong conviction put his best foot forward to convince Donald Trump he is ready to join the team; he is ready to help in whatever capacity. Donald Trump played along; – oh! we found out that the President elect can indeed keep secrets – he didn’t discuss his plan with anyone; he didn’t hint at what he really had in mind but it was rather obvious Mr. Trump wanted to humiliate Mitt publicly. Although he tried very hard to extract a straightforward retraction of the condemnation, Mitt didn’t bite; after the first meeting, Mitt offered a succinct statement, “We had a far-reaching conversation with regard to the various theaters of the world with interest to the United States of real significance. We discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics. A very thorough and in-depth discussion over the time we had. I appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration.”


Unsatisfied with the outcome, Mr. Trump scheduled another meeting with Mitt; by hook or by crook, Trump wanted Romney to retract and apologize. Surely the second meeting would make it happen; any candidate who is called for a second interview would do everything possible not to mess it up. To make the process go smoothly, Trump invited his chief of staff Reince Priebus to the meeting and took Romney to dinner, a move which should convince Mitt he’s being offered the job. Convinced Mitt was indeed. After eating lamb chops with a mushroom Bolognese sauce fully paid by the host, which man (with strong conviction like Romney’s) would not be convinced to retract all criticism to clear the path for an opportunity such as Secretary of State?


Although it was too humiliating for Mitt to issue a retraction, he did the best he could to convey to Trump he was ready to be part of his cabinet; Romney explained that he was “very impressed by the remarks he made on his victory night. By the way, it’s not easy winning. I know that myself. He did something I tried to do and was unsuccessful in. He won the general election and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together, and his vision is something which obviously connected with the American people in a very powerful way.” No one was quite sure who Romney was referring to in the second part of the statement beginning with “he continues with a…” but, hey, he had to suck up to Trump in order to secure the position.

What Romney and everybody else may have failed to realize from the onset, Trump never intended to offer Romney any post in his cabinet. He would have played that game with Romney for a very longtime had he not been busy filling the rest of his cabinet, and Romney would have answered the call every time. After all, he is a man of conviction. But Donald Trump knew better; after Romney’s damning speech back in March of 2016, Trump retorted that Romney is a man with no character, and he proved it. “If I asked him to get on his knees, he would have done it…” said Trump of Romney seeking his endorsement in 2012. I am not making that up. I am much too shy to say those things. Watch the video below for yourself.

All that has to puzzle you; it has puzzled me. What exactly happens to the man with strong conviction? Why in the world did Mitt even meet with Trump, let alone “cajole” him to make the offer? The dog which barks the loudest can hardly bite let alone maul. Mitt Romney is a man with no conscience; he deserves every bit of the treatment he got from Trump.

Secretary of State he deserves no such honor, and Trump was absolutely right not to offer him such post. Mr. Romney cannot think straight after a meal; why do you think Trump treated (chewed) him to dinner before kicking him (spitting out)? Let Mitt Romney, the man with strong conviction but no moral compass, serve as a reminder to all self-serving bastards that if you believe in nothing, you most likely stand for nothing.


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