Goodbye WikiLeaks – So Long Assange

It is with great sadness I accepted the responsibility to announce the death of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. In a very short time, Mr. Assange has become a world celebrity; ironically, Mr. Assange’s celebrity status began long before he revealed himself to the world. He lived in anonymity and disguise. Tired of being anonymous, Mr. Assange took a leap of faith and announced to the world he’s always been the hero everyone wanted to meet. Celebrity to the world, enemy number one to all governments on earth, Mr. Assange had it worse than Cain (Read the Bible – Genesis 4:1-17, King James version). Hunted by governments everywhere, Mr. Assange took refuge at the Ecuador embassy (in London) which was yet to be targeted by WikiLeaks. Holed up there, Mr. Assange had become angry at the world, most specifically at Hillary Clinton in the United States. Assange believed that a Clinton’s administration would keep him there quite possibly for eight more years; so, he devised a plan to prevent her from becoming the next president of the United States. He partnered with Russia and solicited the help of its hackers. However, when his host (the Ecuadorian Ambassador) ended his internet access privileges, Mr. Assange succumbed to isolation. He was only ten years old.

Remember Trump’s comment about John McCain as war hero? Well, if you’re a Trump’ supporter, you may not remember; most Trump’ supporters are diagnosed with severe case of amnesia regarding every bad thing Trump has done and every outrageous statement he has made (and there is a lot of that); it’s a rare form of the disease which may not go away anytime soon according to experts. His comment was that he “only likes war hero who was not captured”.

I happen to also have something which gets under my skin; I hate watching movies within which the hero behind the mask reveals himself. It drives me nut; why in the world would a hero do that? If you’ve been keeping tab as I have, the movie (or the series) in which the hero reveals himself always turn mediocre. But what does any of that have to do with WikiLeaks?

Glad you asked.

You see, WikiLeaks had a hero, Julian Assange but like most heroes who are looking to get glory for saving the day, Mr. Assange couldn’t – despite strong opposition by those who began the journey with him – help but reveal his identity. Julian Assange reasoned there is no glory behind the mask. So, he did what any glory hungry hero would do. Since then, Mr. Assange has been everything but a hero.

As of late, he has associated himself with the Russian government in order to achieve his objective of destroying Hillary.  So much for hero Assange! Ironically, WikiLeaks, at its root, would work to denounce Vladimir Putin not to collude with him to do harm to an individual or a nation. To the morons in the Republican Party who kept using the hacking and release of Hillary’s emails as justifiable reason for a foreign entity to meddle in our democracy, would it also be okay if the table was turned where their personal affairs were revealed through the same process? I would think not.

But as I always point out in this blog, most Republicans are unpatriotic and disloyal to the country, something they had adamantly denied in the past. But it’s very difficult to argue with the fact when their very behavior pegs them as unpatriotic. Of course, it’s nice to think of patriotism as a good thing but the simple use of the word is not what makes anyone a patriot. As I mentioned several times during the general elections, a patriot would make the ultimate sacrifice of his life to protect his country; most Republicans didn’t hesitate a second to destroy the democratic process of the country; they gleefully welcomed Julian Assange, Vladimir Putin “to do whatever was necessary” to get Trump elected. The United States didn’t matter to them; Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin became their best allies.

And even after finding out that unequivocally foreign entities meddled in our election process, those morons in the Republican Party – including the leaders of the Party – still manage to figure out a way to explain that it was a good thing. Even their role model Donald Trump claimed it was a good thing for America. Go figure! I truly wish there was a “legitimate” way to divide the country, one half would belong to those morons with the leader they chose and the other half would cling to patriotism and the sanctity of our constitution.

Unfortunately, no such luck! So, we go back to blaming somebody else. Julian Assange (as well as US arch enemy Vladimir Putin) has long sensed the unpatriotic behavior of the Republican Party and took advantage of its disloyalty to the country. As if doing damage to our democracy wasn’t bad enough, Julian Assange found millions of fans within the GOP, including some of its leaders.

Although I decry the disloyalty of most Republicans, it is Julian Assange’s hunger for fame and eagerness to retaliate (against the Clintons) which has rendered WikiLeaks a useless tool which is now no better than the rambling aired every day on Fox Opinion (known and referred by most as Fox News). It is ironic that the creator has become the destructor, much the same way Julian Assange the hero has become the villain.

So long Assange! Goodbye WikiLeaks!

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