WikiLeaks – When the Hero Becomes the Villain

When a hero, still endowed with superhuman power and ability, begins to use his superiority for his own gain, it is usually a matter of time before the hero becomes irrelevant. Julian Assange is no exception.

Mr. Assange was a whistleblower who turned into a selfish bastard. Whether the departure of Gavin McFadyen – Julian Assange’ closest collaborator and defender of WikiLeaks – in October 2016 contributed to the display of lack of judgement on the part of Julian Assange, his behavior has been quite disturbing; however, one thing is certain, Mr. Assange’ primary objective when he founded WikiLeaks is now a distant memory.

Mr. Assange has been steadily and gradually involved in activities – using WikiLeaks of course – which can only be described as self-serving. After Mrs. Clinton clinched the nomination for the Democratic Party in the 2016 US presidential elections, Mr. Assange emerged as her nemesis, vowing publicly to destroy her.

In a search for personal fame, Julian Assange has single handedly destroyed the only organization which could have been the best and the most effective universal watchdog in the world. But as it is with every moron looking for fame, Julian began a campaign against a single individual, Hillary Clinton. He vowed to prevent her from becoming president of the United States. He succeeded, although not without some help from the morons in the Republican Party who welcomed the meddling of foreign entity in our democracy because it served their purpose.

In the process, Julian Assange has drastically diminished his importance although he intended the opposite, to increase his stature, to become relevant in world politics. Instead, his role has been reduced to that of a simple individual with the ability to hack into computer systems but with no more ethics than a man with a gun who believes everyone should bow to him or else. Mr. Assange’ delusion of grandeur has activated the self-destructive feature which is present in everyone with a unique ability. It wouldn’t be as bad, as sad if his “demise” would have no effect on WikiLeaks’ mission; unfortunately, that’s not the case. Mr. Assange has become a hero who is so consumed by his power that he is willing to do anything, just about anything to stay relevant. As such, Mr. Assange struck alliance with one of the most notorious enemies of the West, Vladimir Putin.

In the next section, I will discuss Mr. Assange’ next move and how it may be too late to save WikiLeaks from his founder.


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