Traitor In The Oval Office

The simple question I keep asking: since Trump knew Russia had hacked the DNC computers, since Trump instructed Russia publicly to proceed.

  1. Can Trump be legitimately awarded the presidency of the United States?
  2. Doesn’t Trump’ brilliance make him a traitor?
  3. Shouldn’t Trump be tried for treason?

On the surface, it seems obvious that Trump colluded with Russia, is he not a traitor for doing so? Besides, he even lost the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes. Let me get that straight, a traitor who lost the popular vote becomes president of the United States. Only in America can such dream become a reality, courtesy of the morons in the Republican Party.

It is now up to the Democrats and the few Republicans who still believe that patriotism trumps (no pun intended) partisanship to redeem the country from what seems to be the worse tragedy since its creation.

One thought on “Traitor In The Oval Office

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