Traitor In The Oval Office

And even during the general election, with just a few days left for voting, when it seemed almost impossible he could win – Hillary was leading by double digit – he declared that the election would be considered rigged if he were not to win. We again dismissed those statements. Trump had to be stupid to think he could win the election when he was trailing his opponent by double-digit or he knew something; in fact, he did. Trump knew (and said many times) the election was rigged. Trump knew Russia was helping. He invited them in; he confessed about it but we all ignored him.

It wasn’t by accident that Trump believed he would win despite trailing Hillary in the polls. It wasn’t by accident that Trump continued to claim that the election was rigged, because it was; we just didn’t know by whom and for whom. We were too distracted by statements which seemed too outrageous to be true. Trump played us all.

One thought on “Traitor In The Oval Office

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