Traitor In The Oval Office

Trump has strived in chaos (he continues to do so). Since the start of his presidency bid, he consistently created chaos, confusion and even managed to stir people’s emotions, pitting one group against another, as a strategy to simply go through the campaign without being “noticed” or stopped.

Although he spoke candidly on camera about his like for Vladimir Putin (and many other notorious world leaders), we simply mentioned it and moved on; his supporters shrugged it off. And he went further, he invited Russia to meddle in US election;

we simply asked him in passing to explain; he did not but we moved on anyway. We all spent most of our time dissecting his stupidity without realizing that we were the idiots. It’s a strategy Mr. Trump had used over and over and over without being caught or stopped. We were all fooled.

One thought on “Traitor In The Oval Office

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