A Preview of Obama Legacy – Part 2

In part 2 of “The OBAMA Legacy”, I dedicate a great deal of time discussing his foreign policy approach. The book is not a tabulation of praises for the Obama administration; it is a hard look at how he has led the country during his presidency. You owe it to yourself to learn the FACTS about Obama. Below are previews of chapters which comprise his foreign policy

First, we briefly assigned a grade (just like in college, from passing grade to failing grade) to Obama in his handling of foreign policy in general. And we delved into discussing his foreign policy in particular vis-à-vis several countries and in regards to events which have impacted the world, such as the Brussels Airport attacks by terrorists.

This is where it all started for Obama; just six months into his presidency, he traveled to Cairo, Egypt where he delivered a speech meant as an olive branch to the Arabs. Was he successful? Did he follow through on his promises? Or was it just showmanship?

For the first time in quite a longtime, the US-Israeli relation was borderline cold. Obama wanted to change the status quo embraced by Washington regarding the endless conflicts between Israel and the Palestine. The Republican led Congress lent full support to Israel in opposition to the president. Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, at the invite of the house speaker John Boehner came to Washington to deliver a speech against Obama foreign policy towards Iran. The Republicans played politics, Netanyahu made a major blunder in foreign policy; read in this chapter why Obama displayed lack of resolve regarding the Palestino-Israeli conflicts despite his conviction the issue needed to be resolved.

Fighting between the rebels and the Assad’ army captured the attention of the Obama administration when images of dismembered children, army trucks rolling mercilessly on the residential streets were shown on television. Unwilling to get involved in a civil war, pressured by the Republican Legislators to do something, Obama was at a crossroad. When the news that the Assad regime was using gas against the civilians, Obama used that info to his advantage; he drew a RED line in the sand.

The Red Line in the Sand
If it is found that Assad used gas against the civilians, the United States will … Well, that was the RED line Obama drew in the sand to warn Assad. Did Assad really cross the line as reported in the US media? Or was it another blunder by the media reporting “fake” news, just like in the case of the WMD in Iraq under Bush? Read in this chapter why the US media needs to do a better job reporting on matters which may affect millions of lives across the world.

Syria backed by Russia
Even if Assad had crossed the line, could Obama have done anything about it? Could he have bombed Syria like the Republicans suggested? In this chapter, we discuss how Obama’ thought process of having to fight Russia in Syria pushed him to change strategy vis-à-vis Assad.

Gas found – fabricated or planted
Was Obama correct in his assessment regarding the news that Assad army may have used gas against the civilians? Could it have been another blunder of the intelligence? Was there proof of gas? Even if there were, could it have been attributed to Assad’ army? In this chapter, we explore the balancing act of the president between acting on the intel that Syria used gas against the civilians and facing the prospect of having a full fledge war with Syria (and Russia).

A war that had cost so much to the country has left behind a ghost which still haunts us all. Was Obama spooked by the ghost in his decision regarding Syria? Or was it his aversion for war which had kept him on the sideline in regards to the massacre of the civilians by the Assad’s army?

During his bid for the presidency, Obama called the Iraq war a “dumb war”. However, once settled in the Oval Office as commander-in-chief, Obama was in no hurry to end the war in Iraq despite having promised to do just that during his 2008 presidential bid campaign. What had happened? Had Obama changed his mind about wars? Read here in this chapter how Obama tried to hide behind the ghost of war while he was being chased by its gods.

Iran was always on Obama’s mind since the beginning; even during his bid for the presidency, he stated he would sit down with Iran’s president (at the time, Iran’s president was Ahmadinejad). For the record, he never sat down with the former or the current Iranian president. What Obama was always concerned about was Iran’s capability to develop or acquire nuclear weapons. So, as president he struck a deal with Iran: get rid of the enriched uranium tubes, stop the activities to make nuclear weapon, in return the US will lift financial sanctions on the country. Was the Obama administration played by the Iranian president? Read in this chapter about the game of chess which led to the agreement.

Obama evaded both prying eyes and ears to do what no previous administrations would even dare talking about, to lift the embargo on Cuba. Was he right to lift the embargo? Which president placed the embargo on Cuba? Why? Many attempts to kill Fidel Castrol (no less than six completely organized, financed and executed by CIA; a total of over 500 attempts) or to overthrow his government failed. Obama reflected that Cuba is no more a danger than China to the United States. Could his presidency be downgraded to have lifted the embargo on Cuba? His handling of the whole matter is discussed in great details in this chapter.

The Obama administration had so grossly mismanaged the crisis in Ukraine that the specter of another cold war between the United States and Russia would be considered tolerable over the possibility of a World War III. This is not scaremongering, conspiracy theory or figment of my imagination.

This chapter not only details the crisis which has led to this point but also provides a window into how the Obama administration managed to anger Vladimir Putin who has abandoned the accord – both US and Russia signed – for the reduction of nuclear warheads

In the next preview, we return to discuss domestic issues under the Obama administration. Stay tuned!

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