A Preview of OBAMA Legacy

Obama presidency has been the least confrontational American administration in modern time when it comes to foreign policy. Ironically, Mr. Obama has quietly set the stage for a possible full scale war (read World War III) because of his mishandling of the Ukraine crisis in 2014. In the “OBAMA Legacy”, elaborate details of what’s happening behind the scene should scare the living day out of everyone.

In the next few articles, I will provide a succinct preview of each chapter of the book. The OBAMA Legacy is not a tabulation of praises for the Obama administration; it is a hard look at how he has led the country during his presidency. You owe it to yourself to learn the FACTS.

It’s just that, an introduction of how Obama was perceived from the very beginning of his presidency.

A discussion of what the “person” of Obama meant to different people, to different groups and to the two major political partys.

Obama presidency is looked at through the Republican prism; how did Republicans in general perceive Obama? Did they mean everything they said about him? Did they believe everything they heard? Or was it just dirty politics? Read this chapter to discover how Republican Legislators in Washington have mastered the art of “fooling” everyone regarding Obama; some may have even expressed admiration for him privately.

A discussion on why Democrats did not lend unwavering support to Obama, much like Republicans always do towards their president. Could that have been an obstacle to his presidency? This chapter should surprise anyone on how often Democrat Legislators in Washington have opposed Obama privately but offered their (tepid) support publicly.

The discussion in this chapter is framed like a reflection of the observation made about Obama presidency. How could he have managed to get anything done at all? He had ZERO support from the Republicans, split support from the Democrats. Even when presented with the difficult decision to go after bin Laden, he was on the opposite side of everybody. You will be shocked to discover the first magic act Obama has done. This chapter is definitely entertaining and enlightening.

In this section, an overall discussion of Obama presidency from the time he was sworn into office in 2009 to the first half of 2016; politics, partisanship and party loyalty are all set aside to take a hard look at Obama presidency.

The first part of the discussion is focused almost exclusively on how the United States was viewed under Obama. Recall the unprovoked war in Iraq based on the false WMD existence under the Bush administration? United States standing in the world stage plummeted a great deal. Everyone waited to find out whether Obama’s approach was going to be different. This chapter sets the stage for a more in-depth analysis of the Obama administration foreign policy.

In the next preview, we will grade Obama foreign policy approach and discuss particular countries which might have shifted Obama’s thought process when it comes to foreign relations. Stay tuned!

Preview – Part 2

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