Despicable Morons of the Republican Party

The Despicable Morons are now in charge; they will probably do away with Medicare as they have always wanted to; they will most likely try to privatize social security as they have attempted to do several times before. It is time the Stupid Morons face the reality that the Despicable Morons they have put in charge will give them exactly what they deserve, to treat them like the Stupid Morons that they are. Most unfortunately however, those who were smart enough to vote against the demagogue Donald Trump, might suffer as well.

Damn be the MORONS who voted Trump as president!

Below is an audio synopsis of The OBAMA Legacy audiobook.

The OBAMA Legacy provides a factual account of his presidency but it also explains the reason Mr. Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation. There is absolutely nothing Republican Legislators and/or Mr. Trump can do to change that. Listen the synopsis. Own a piece of his legacy.

Own The OBAMA Legacy.

If you’ve been postponing getting the book because of time, we just got rid of your last excuse. Get The OBAMA Legacy today to find out why the author believes Barack Obama will be listed among the great presidents of our nation.

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