Despicable Morons of the Republican Party

Reince Priebus, current RNC Chairman, the man in charge to safeguard the principles and the values of the Republican Party, is now Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff. Go figure!

Many others who might not get a top cabinet post in a Trump administration will nevertheless benefit, some appointed to a lower post, others will become consultants a.k.a. lobbyists, the very group Trump claimed he would get rid off. Even Mitt Romney who was the most critical of Donald Trump – for good reason; he accurately predicted danger ahead – auditioned for the post of Secretary of State in Trump administration; he didn’t even blink; in fact, shortly after meeting with Trump, Mr. Romney lavished Trump with praise. So, yes, the GOP Leaders are Despicable Morons who are self-serving even to the detriments of the country; they are even much less concerned about the Republican electorate, the Stupid Morons.


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