Despicable Morons of the Republican Party

The Republican Party Leaders are Despicable Morons. Contrary to the other group discussed in Part 3 of the series, Despicable Morons are not labeled such because they are as stupid as the Stupid Morons; in fact, the Despicable Morons are not stupid at all. What makes the GOP Leaders Despicable Morons is the simple fact they foresaw the harm coming unto their children and decided to do very little to prevent it.

Their action is likened to a parent who could have saved her child from being hit by a car but decided to let it happen because she will be able to collect insurance (life, accident). If that sounds despicable to you, it is and that’s exactly what the Despicable Morons (GOP Leaders and Representatives in Washington) in the Republican Party did.

It didn’t matter to them that Trump is about to destroy the Republican Party; it didn’t even matter that Trump will most likely erode American pride; what the Despicable Morons saw was opportunity to have a role in a “Trump Administration”. To the detriment of the country unfortunately, it is happening.


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