Despicable Morons of the Republican Party

In Part 3 of this series, I outlined the ludicrousness of justification provided by the morons who supported and voted for Donald Trump; those, I explained in great details, are the Stupid Morons. Despite my aversion for morons in general, I can tolerate Stupid Morons. Although there is no study to help understand why Ivy League college educated or financially successful or career professionals fall into the category of Stupid Morons, one thing they all seem to have in common: they all are very gullible. Regardless, the Stupid Morons, be it out of pride or out of spite, stick to their beliefs even in the face of irrefutable proof to the contrary.

But it is the Despicable Morons I have a bone to pick with. What is Despicable Morons and who comprises that group? If you are a parent, you would know your role in the family unit is to attend to your children’s needs, to guide them and to protect them. Right? But what if you, the parent, abandon your role as a guide and a protector? Worst, what if you contribute to causing harm to your children?

Any good parent reading those questions would cringe at the idea she would be responsible for the harm which would come upon her children but the Republican Party leaders (by analogy the parents) whose primary job was to protect the Republican electorate (by analogy their children) from harm (by analogy a demagogue such as Donald Trump) were the ones who provided fertile ground for evil to flourish.


What would you add?

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