Revenge of the Morons – Part 3

Having said, I pointed out in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series that the Republican Party mostly comprises morons who got Donald Trump elected to the highest office in the land. However, I recognize there is still a small (a very small) group in the Republican Party who would still like to hold on to the conservative values the Party has professed through decades; that small group is loyal to the country; it is probably a few of that group which had publicly declared support for Hillary.

Unfortunately, that small group – as it is usually the case in most situations – is not in control of the Party; in fact, that group has been marginalized over time. As such, the remnant of the Republican Party who used to cling to Christian values would either die out, join another Party or be absorbed into what it is now a Trump Party, morons of morons.

Two major groups of morons are identified within the Republican Party; for sake of discussion here, I classify them into a) Despicable Morons b) Stupid Morons, neither of which is desirable in any society but that’s what the Republican Party comprises of today. Most unfortunately, those morons are also members of the American society.

What would you add?

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