Revenge of the Morons

Donald Trump got elected president of the United States by morons, but that’s not all there is to it.
Warning: The Revenge of the Morons series is not for the faint of heart. Trump’ supporters must 1) avoid reading this series 2) or obtain “teeth grinding protector” to avoid complete erosion of their teeth. Beware!

For the first time in the history of the United States, the country is about to accept in the Oval Office the most obnoxious individual, a sexual predator, someone who has no regard for the Constitution; someone who has proven time and again he is willing to use the office of the presidency for his personal benefits and for the promotion of his businesses. “That individual” we will soon have no choice to call president thanks to a group of morons, well a very large group of morons in the Republican Party.

Unless one were as stupid as those morons, you were always aware that the Republican Party is mostly comprised of individuals who pretend to love the country, who have claimed to be Christian, who have claimed to have family values but in reality have always nurtured the most undignified characteristic of mankind. Just a few short months ago, someone (everyone) in the Republican Party would have argued my last statement. Thanks to their role model Donald Trump, the “true colors” of the Republican Party are in full display for the world to see. It is no longer an argument; it has now become a task (for the rest of us) to figure out a way to rid society of its most evil aspect.

Their only defense was to pretend the alternative was worse; their only defense was to express their “unfounded” anger towards the most qualified candidate for president in history; their only defense was to pretend they want change and thus to hail Trump as an agent of change. The hell with moral principles and family values! The hell with Christian teachings! The hell with God! Exclaimed the morons, charging like a bull to propel Savior Trump to the highest office in the land.

Those morons claimed to have found the answer in what will remain the most despicable candidate for president in history, the least qualified there’s ever been.
Those morons should be avoided at all cost; they are dangerous, barbaric, uncivilized and irrational. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to engage any moron without appropriate backup. The world is now aware beyond any doubt that most Republicans are overwhelmingly racist, naturally ignorant and unbelievably stupid. Those words are not meant to be insulting although I suspect they are; the main reason I make use of them is to simply convey a true observation which can no longer be ignored.

I do understand there are various levels of stupidity and will address them in subsequent articles; but I would like to say unequivocally that the purpose of my writing is not to increase Twitter followers or Facebook fans. My primary objective is to identify with those who can sustain at the very least an average level of logical discussions (insulting or not) in the hope of crafting solutions, permanent solutions for our dying country. Morons not included! Since it is now obvious morons are far from being patriotic and are endowed of very little (if any) ability to think logically. They are driven by shortsighted selfish behavior. In a few short weeks, they too will find out how stupid they are and the damage they have already caused to the future of the country in particular and to future generations in general.

In the next article, I will outline the various levels of morons which have gleefully sent the country into a tailspin move which might spell the end of pride for America.

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2 thoughts on “Revenge of the Morons

  1. All of this is just so much rhetoric. Without really describing or analyzing the numerous reasons WHY these people have chosen to vote as they did, we cannot just blanketly call them “morons”. Haven’t we enough hate-speak and fuzzy logic floating around as it is? You might like to explore the antiquated Electoral College and its sister the Gerrymandering system, that allowed for some precincts to have only one voting area, and discouraged voters from coming out at all. A more reasonable thing would be to declare a “bank holiday” or “voters’ holiday” as they do in some European countries, allowing MORE people to get to the polls. To assume that ALL republicans are morons and ninnies is ridiculous. I am an Independent in Florida and unfortunately, I will have to find a new party, as mine died. Not a happy prospect, as I’m just as disgusted with the Dems as I am the GOP’ers. But, your type of rhetoric towards the folks on the other side of the aisle does no good either. We have a Republican Mayor here in Tampa who is wonderful. I didn’t vote for him, because I couldn’t, but he has done a great job running this city, and were he to turn to National Politics, I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Always vote the Principle, not the Platform. We have lost our integrity on both sides of the aisle, and I don’t care who gets it back first, just so we get it back! Re-write on this one, sir!


    • Hello Violafury,
      instead of responding to each individual comments, I opted to address them all here in a much generic way.
      I am much too conscious of my writing style. Here is briefly an explanation for such style
      1.- The use of the word “morons” is not out of anger or hatred; as I explained in the column, I used the word in much the same way I would use the word physician and lawyer. If one is a lawyer (by trade) and assume for a split second that the word is derogatory, should the individual not be called or referred to as a lawyer? As a matter of principle for instance, I always refer to Fox News as Fox Opinion, for obvious reasons to anyone who is not a Republican. I was careful to say that “MOST” (not ALL) Republicans are morons. It didn’t take a FEW to put Mr. Trump in the Oval Office. I have talked to a lot of Republicans; their reasoning in regards to Trump is extremely skewed, party affiliation aside. How does a mother justify her support for Trump; the answer is: “it’s better to be grabbed by the pussy than being a pussy”. Throughout the primaries, MOST GOP leaders publicly condemned Mr. Trump; a sizable number declared he is not fit to be president
      but the same group voted for him. Try to reconcile that logic
      2.- My mother always used the hand analogy to point out that everyone cannot have the same job in life. Each finger, as she always reasoned, has a very specific purpose but all fingers are necessary and important. There are many reporters who do what you suggested that I do. The “verbiage” is not without its importance. While you made a good point that the other side does the exact same thing. You are absolutely right but partially about comparing my “verbiage” with others.
      My writing (or rhetoric) does not amount of a string of words with the ultimate purpose to insult; if you read between the lines, there is a silver lining. I use “stats” (accessible to anyone), expressions which can be “googled” for verification Most of my writing either point to some external sources or the blog, either or both of which can easily be searched. Besides, some people will never change because there cannot be a conversation which makes use of logic; the only way to tap into their subconscious is to jolt them to reality.
      3.- From the very beginning (starting in 2012) of publishing my “verbiage” to the world, I made a very conscious decision, NOT to give in to being “nice”, “cautious”, “politically correct” in order to make a point. Most reporters, journalists, commentators have adopted that behaviour. I watched interviews after interviews of politicians, most of which got under my skin for the simple reason that the interviewer let the guest get away with lies which could have been easily dismantled When I graduated as a journalist, the most important message I walked away with is this: it is my job to protect my audience from lies, falsehoods and it is my job to guide that audience to think critically. While most journalists try to stay away from calling politicians’ lies while interviewing them for fear of appearing biased, I find it disserving NOT to because it’s worse to let your audience walk away believing that what was said could be true. How do you think FAKE news strive to become more popular than the regular media?

      I wrote a lot of “verbiage” here to explain my position but it boils down to one thing: it is my way of contributing to the conversation which I hope would get a few morons (even it is just one) to make use of their brain in decision making especially when such decision will also affect the rest of the country. The Bible says, many are called but only a few will inherit the kingdom of God. My approach is this, there are many morons but only a few will become rational. One moron at a time!


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