Why Did Hillary Fall?

By now, you’ve heard many different opinions regarding the stunning victory of Donald Trump, the least qualified candidate for president since the creation of the Republic over Hillary Clinton, the most credentialed and qualified candidate since the foundation of the Republic. Put differently, the least qualified beat the most qualified. Such irony!

Full Disclosure: I voted for Hillary Clinton.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you could have been more prepared, less surprised by the upset. Although I predicted Hillary would be called Madam President after the election, I had also warned several times of egregious mistakes being made which could cost her the election. Well, those mistakes did cost her the election. I know the last thing any logical individual would want to hear is that Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. But you must bring yourself at the very least to listen; it’s important.  Besides, if one doesn’t learn from past mistakes, how could those mistakes be avoided in the future?

But before I address the election outcome, let me advise all of you who are out there protesting against Trump to instead channel your energy, your focus into something more worthwhile. I do understand the anger and the frustration but no amount of protests can change the outcome of the election. For good or for bad, Donald Trump will be in January 2017 the president for the next four years. We can now channel our energy to work to prevent any future “Donald Trump” from ever setting foot in the Oval Office. What’s done is done.

Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election to Donald Trump because of the FBI meddling. I already discussed how disgraceful it was for the Director of one of the most important federal agencies in the nation to meddle in a presidential election, especially after being advised by the attorney general
not to. Regardless, James Comey didn’t influence the election in a significant way. However, very serious mistakes were made by the Clinton’s campaign.

In the next article, I will discuss the mistakes which robbed the country of the most qualified individual as president.


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2 thoughts on “Why Did Hillary Fall?

  1. Lots of reasons that Hillary didn’t win. Most prominent (to the tune of 6MM votes) was that she was simply less appealing to voters than Obama.

    Another was that the Clintons legacy consists of transforming the Democratic party into Republican-Lite — embracing the Reagan-Bush policies of: finance deregulation, offshoring, harsh and less than equitable anti-drug laws, cutting welfare, rolling back the influence of unions in favor of big business – the latter a task the Clintons left to the states. All with Bill’s famous “triangulation” method to gain support for policies which would’ve been unpopular with constituents outside of carefully timed and packaged horse trading.

    In the primaries Trump voters already rejected the essence of what Republicans had to offer, and Sanders voters came close to doing the same – Clinton got the nomination with the help of favorable media and the here and there, the shenanigans of the DNC. But the point is, having Clinton, a “Republican Lite” type Democrat was an enormous handicap to start with. And there was so much more…

    I’ll just end with the “deplorables” line. It was like Romney’s “47%” comment. A finishing blow, entirely self-inflicted.


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