Journey into the Nightmare

My mother used to say that music instruments are usually heavier (to carry) after the dance. I guess it must have been true for Hillary last night; her feet were so heavy she could hardly get up and get off the seat to come out and make a concession speech. For the record, she did give a concession speech earlier today, Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

I was more disappointed than shocked; after FBI Director James Comey sent the letter to Congress in regards to Hillary’s emails debacle, I was more or less certain it was over for Hillary but I held hope that a miracle would happen. Maybe I didn’t pray hard enough; maybe God was traveling; perhaps he was on vacation; or he could have been too busy getting financial tips from Donald Trump, who knows?

There is no denying that FBI Director James Comey played his role in Hillary Clinton’ loss last night but Comey’ “election meddling” behavior was just a small part of a bigger picture or a bigger problem if you prefer. Before I close the chapter on the 2016 election, I will publish my analysis on why a “stupid” letter from an FBI Director could swing an election so drastically, from a two digits lead in the poll to a loss on voting day.

To go through the loss is much like going through the wreckage of a plane crash. First of all, it was quite obvious the plane had lost quite a bit of altitude; second, the pilot could barely keep the plane straight, especially after hitting a bump or going through turbulence. So, it was a matter of time before the plane crashes with everybody in it. If you’re a passenger in a plane nosediving, you don’t ask to get off; you close your eyes and pray as hard as you’ve never prayed before and hope God would reach from heaven and take over the piloting of the plane. Unfortunately for the Democrat plane, God was too busy planning for the aftermath of a Trump tragedy, I mean win, that the Democrat plane eventually crashed.

Deep down you know there can’t be any survivor – statistically, it’s near impossible to survive a plane crash – but you held hope that maybe, just maybe you would come across an old woman, a child, a pregnant woman, a baby, a pet, anything which breathes, anything. You search tirelessly for a sign of life. And if you hear any sound which resembles someone’s voice – it’s usually the internal sound of hope – you would search the area aggressively, you would ask for help because you believe, rather you hope the voice you heard is that of a living individual who survived the crash.

After endless hours of search, you finally admitted to what you anticipated since the beginning, to something you knew all along, there is no survivor. It’s sad, it’s true, there is no survivor. During the next few days, there will be mourning, and sighing and resigning but you need closure. As promised earlier, I will bring closure to the dark journey which ended into a nightmare that has just begun.

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