Democracy Begins with a Single Vote

If you have not yet voted, here is a short list of questions to help you make the decision and not have to regret it, look back and wish you had made a better decision

  • Is the candidate you are about to choose qualified to be the leader of the free world?
  • Would you want him/her to represent the United States on the world stage?
  • Can he/she serve as role model for your children?
  • Can you proudly explain to your grandkids why you voted for him/her?

The presidency is not a JOKE, don’t vote as if it is.

To run the country is not an act, DON’T entrust it to just anyone. Some mistakes cannot be corrected, don’t make one you would live to regret.


Don’t roll a dice!

Don’t gamble the future of the country!

Be a Patriot!

Make sure you can be proud of your candidate! If not, DO NOT make that choice. It’s not just about you; it’s about the future.


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