The Devil’s Rampage

Mr. Comey knew darn well that any bad (or perceived bad) information regarding the Russian hacking into the DNC system will affect Trump and benefit Hillary because of a) Trump’s past comments b) Trump’ suspicious connection with Vladimir Putin. So, Mr. Comey prevented any information regarding this matter from becoming public; besides, it is the Department of Justice (DOJ) policy not to publish any report within sixty days of an election.

But, let’s look at how Mr. Comey handled information related to Hillary. When Mr. Comey came in possession of documents which seem to have emails related to the previously concluded investigation about Hillary’s handling of the classified materials, Mr. Comey suddenly suffered of an error in judgement illness and released the information eleven days before voting. You may want to call it error in judgement but that doesn’t jive.

Both Mr. Comey and anyone who benefits of his action can spin it a thousand ways and ten thousand times, that was not an error in judgement.


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