The Devil’s Rampage

Here is how I know Mr Comey intended to influence the election and why he should not be given a pass; his action is very serious, extremely damaging to the election process; the punishment should be equally as harsh but let’s make sure we’re not wrong first.

  • Can we assume that Mr. Comey knew voting for the general election was in eleven days?
  •            Yes – unless he was in a different planet
  • Can we assume that Mr. Comey knew the information he was about to release has the potential to influence the outcome of the election?
  •            Yes – unless he was stupid which he is not
  • Can we assume that Mr. Comey knew DOJ is against release of any information which may influence the election?
  •           Yes – he is the freakin’ FBI Director
  • Did Mr. Comey have widespread approval within the bureau regarding sending the letter to Congress?
  •           No – although Comey has the final word, it is customary that any good manager would listen to those around him before making the final decision.
  • Did Mr. Comey go against the advice of the Attorney General?
  •          Yes- The Attorney not only advised against releasing that information but also reminded Comey of the DOJ rule.
  • If what Comey did was an error in judgement, does he deserve to be FBI Director?
  •         No – A decision so blatantly poor cannot be sugarcoated as error in judgement; Mr. Comey does not deserve the post of FBI Director.

There is no redemption for his action. Below are details which prove how calculated Mr. Comey was when he crafted the letter to Congress.


What would you add?

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