Nightmare in the land of Democracy

James Comey didn’t make a mistake; it was not an error in judgement either. Mr. Comey made a calculated move which would give an appearance of fairness to the Republicans who lambasted him for not charging Hillary Clinton in his previous public announcement regarding the emails investigation. Legal technicality aside – most of those who wanted him to charge Hillary were either playing politics or are outright ignorant in legal matters – James Comey has been in the business long enough to be able to assess the impact of his decisions; if that is not the case, he should not have been FBI Director in the first place.

Who is James Comey? Before his appointment as FBI Director by Obama in 2013, Mr. Comey was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York from January 2002 to December 2003 and served as the United States Deputy Attorney General from December 2003 to August 2005. As an attorney with a background in diverse legal matters – appointed Special Counsel to head the CIA Leak Grand Jury Investigation (a CIA operative’s name Valerie Plame was leaked by someone working within the agency) – Mr. Comey understands much too well that every action carries consequences, good or bad.


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