Nightmare in the land of Democracy

FBI Director James Comey didn’t make a mistake. I am sure of it. I have proof, here it is.

If we accept the premise that Mr. Comey is smart enough to conclude his decision to send the letter to Congress would impact the election, and the Department Of Justice (DOJ) policy is to steer away from doing anything that could give the appearance of such, to do it is not just a violation of the DOJ policy, it is a calculated decision to influence the election. Mr. Comey or anyone else who benefits of his action can spin it ten thousand ways, the logical conclusion is however much simpler, Mr. Comey had every intention to influence the election.

Even if Mr. Comey had a “senior moment”, he was offered two separate opportunities not to interfere with the elections 1) there was a lack of agreement within the bureau itself in regards to sending that letter 2) in addition, Mr. Comey’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was completely against that decision.


What would you add?

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