The Colin Kaepernick Revolution Continues

Since Colin Kaepernick has been silently protesting police brutality and indiscriminate killing of blacks across the country by kneeling during singing of the national anthem, there has been a large swath of people (overwhelmingly Republican) who have been criticizing him for taking a stand against these types of overt racism in the country by law enforcement; the aftermath of street executions of blacks by police officers who incur no punishment is truly reminiscent of the slavery era and the endless struggle for blacks in America. That seems okay by most Republicans.

And it’s not just regular individuals who also have the right to exercise their freedom of expression. Republican Legislators have protested against Colin’s protests by being deafeningly silent in the face of frequent police shooting of UNARMED black men. Lately, the Republican legislators took their protests against Colin to a new (lower) level; on Monday, September 19, 2016, in a radio talk show, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-New York) connected Colin Kaepernick to America’s most wanted fugitive, the 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in the bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey over the weekend.

The GOP mouthpiece, Fox Opinion, – known and referred to by most as Fox News – has been completely silent over the streak of shooting and killing of UNARMED black men by police officers; not surprisingly, so has the Republican standard bearer, Donald Trump. (update: in an ABC interview, Trump expressed some concern specifically in regards to the execution of Terence Crutchers by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma).

It has been obvious for a very longtime now that the Republican Party has no interest in issues which affect minority in general, blacks in particular; some of its leaders such as Donald Trump are quite vocal and more transparent about it than other Republican elites. Blacks are kidding themselves into thinking that Republicans in general, Donald Trump in particular, care about their plights, their conditions, their situations, the issues which affect them.

Thus far, Republican leaders and powerbrokers have left no doubt where they stand in regards to blacks in general, and any issue pertaining to that minority group in particular. So, their protests against “Colin’s protesting against police brutality towards and execution of blacks” should come as no surprise to any black individual with a functioning brain and an average level of intelligence. For reason that is yet to be fully and satisfactorily explained, a large swath of the White population in the United States – coincidentally Republican and Republican leaning – continues to portray blacks as undeserving, unfitting, violent in nature, lazy and criminal minded.

Ironically, it was the “lazy” blacks who had worked tirelessly as slaves to enrich the Whites and their ancestors; it was the “lazy” blacks who worked the field 18 hours a day while the “non-lazy” Whites sipped on tea; it was the “lazy” blacks who took care of every detail of the “non-lazy” White masters’ lives who sat comfortably reading the newspapers or entertaining the other “non-lazy” White neighbors.

Naturally, Donald Trump is exactly the type of individual the Republican electorate would want to be president of the United States. Contrary to other Republican leaders who are always careful in their choice of words, not to sound racist, prejudiced or biased, not to offend others, Donald Trump – as he so beautifully said during his nomination acceptance speech – is the voice of the Republican Party. As it should be obvious by now, the Republican constituents have fully embraced Mr. Trump to represent the Party and hope he becomes their president.

It is well documented that the constituents are quite aware of Mr. Trump’s lack of qualification to be commander in chief but something else is more important to them. The Republican constituents want to turn back the clock on the progress made through a) the abolition of slavery b) the passage of the voting rights acts c) the passage of the civil rights acts d) the passage of the affirmative action. And Donald Trump is the right person to help turn back the clock of progress. Just like most Republican constituents, Mr. Trump (and family) has expressed disdain for blacks in many occasions.

Fortunately, just like Martin Luther King Jr. did in the 1960’s, – not without problem, not without struggle, not without threat and at the cost of his life – Colin Kaepernick is leading the way not only in the fight against racism but also to expose the modern Ku Klux Klan of the Republican Party. It is thus heart wrenching to watch a few unsuspected blacks lured into an environment which has overtly expressed disregard for the race in general and disdain for blacks.

The Colin Kaepernick Revolution is essential for the very survival of Blacks in America. Discrimination is rampant in every corner of the country and Fox Opinion, playing the leading role to helping spread the disease, has capitalized on a plague which has slithered its way into our cities, our schools, our lives. It is now up to every “Kaepernic” in the nation to help end prejudice and discrimination in order to effect the much needed changes vis-à-vis race relations. It’s a revolution which has already begun. You can either join in or get out of the way. Regardless, the Kaepernick revolution continues.

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