Are You A Traitor?

If you have been salivating over the impending announcement by Mr. Assange of his “release of documents on Hillary’s wrongdoing”, you are unequivocally a traitor. Let me explain. Then again, you probably already know you are a traitor.

Calls to American Patriots

American citizens are mandated to defend and protect the country against all threats (foreign & domestic). Today, we American citizens are faced with the greatest threat; our democracy is jeopardized by a foreign entity.

The man you’re looking at is Julian Assange; he represents the greatest threat to American democracy. His mission is to influence the presidential elections and shape world politics.

Julian Assange threatens to release documents about Hillary Clinton which could impact the outcome of the presidential elections.


For the past two weeks, I have been posting calls for all American patriots – irrespective of political affiliation – to unite against any foreign entity (individual or state) who wants to influence, impact or harm the United States of America.

Despite having made it clear that the calls are to urge Julian Assange to backoff from his attempt to influence our presidential elections, a few individuals took it upon themselves to compare the action of a traitor to that of a politician.

In an attempt to clarify, here is the contrast:

Someone who provides quid pro quo – you do me a favor I do you a favor; you give money to my campaign, I give you access to government agencies, put a word for you to win a contract, etc. – is a politician; this is not to say it’s okay, good or acceptable but that individual is a politician, not a traitor.

However, someone who sides with a foreign entity to influence US elections or to harm the country in any way is a traitor.

The “individuals” who have been “fighting” my campaign against Julian Assange in particular – any foreign entity in general – to stop meddling in US politics must have missed the point completely. I am not against Assange’ action in support of Hillary Clinton. My position on Assange is to sound the alarm on the greatest threat to our democracy.

It doesn’t matter an iota whether the documents “Assange may have on Hillary Clinton and threaten to release” provide proof of wrongdoing; Mr. Assange has “timed” the release to effect the biggest impact on the outcome of the presidential elections. If you are a Trump supporter, you naturally see it as a “good thing” because Assange’ action may help to elect Donald Trump.

As a patriot however, Assange’ action is something all Americans should oppose, should dread and should urge our government to squash quickly. Here is the reason: while Assange’ action may benefit you (as a Trump supporter) today, you would also give him – and anyone else with hacking knowledge – license to continue to interfere in our elections. Surely, you cannot expect his future actions to be favorable to you, would it be okay then? But, that’s not even the bigger problem, such action undermines our democracy because anyone with hacking ability – Assange today, someone else tomorrow – can change the outcomes of elections in the United States; coincidentally, those types of actions can also impact congressional, gubernatorial and yes even mayoral elections.

Do we Americans really want to give green light to a foreign entity to meddle in our internal affairs? Would you have been okay with the idea if those same actions were conducted by Osama bin Laden? Don’t be too quick to answer! “Of course not” you may be quick to answer; this is not the same thing. Well, your answer would most likely be disingenuous. How could I possibly know that? Before bin Laden became the mastermind behind the 9/11/2001 attacks on US, he was a US ally waging our proxy wars in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Coincidentally, before bin Laden’s ambitions culminated to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on US, he too, just like Assange, worked to influence US elections.

In other words, if we strip 9/11 attacks from bin Laden’s resume, his ambitions coincide with those of Mr. Assange. Although I would be the first to admit that Mr. Assange does not have the spine to wage wars against US, one cannot dismiss the fact that he’s trying his best to inject himself into US politics and change the outcomes of elections; that is not acceptable, not for bin Laden, not for Julian Assange, not for any other foreign entity.

Any American who sides with Julian Assange is a traitor. Period.


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