Donald Trump and The BLACKS

Donald Trump’s disdain for Blacks is well documented; it’s a family legacy. At 17 years old, Fred, his father, gave him his first primer on how to practice (subtle) discrimination. After two black nurses were denied housing in one of Trump’s properties in Queens on the basis there was no vacancy, they filed a lawsuit for housing discrimination. – Here is the kicker: the nurses had near perfect credit – Of course, the Trumps denied having done any such thing; they pointed to a poster outlining policies against discrimination as proof the Trumps do not discriminate. – That was very re-assuring to those nurses they denied housing – The NYC Housing agency then enlisted a white couple to find out what was going on. Surprise! Surprise! There were plenty of vacancies; not only the white couple was offered an apartment but the Trumps offered referral fees to the couple to send in more “white” applicants. Donald Trump was just 17 years old when he began to understand that to discriminate against minority is a family legacy he must pass on to future Trump generations.

Blacks who support Donald Trump should check themselves into a mental institution, literally! I don’t say that as an afterthought; I do not mean it as a joke; I don’t say that with anger. I say it because Donald Trump has proven time and again prejudice and bias towards blacks in general have not changed an iota. Even in the face of undeniable proof of police brutality against and killing of blacks, Trump thinks those “criminals with badges” should be given a pass. Today, he is out there courting Blacks to vote for him. To the deep enthrall of hell with any black who supports Trump! That sounds angry, doesn’t it?

It was no accident Mr. Trump could not repudiate David Duke – a Ku Klux Klan grand wizard – when asked multiple times during an interview on CNN by anchor Jake Tapper on February 28, 2016. Donald Trump is unrepentant when it comes to his sins against the black community. You don’t have to go back in history to find Donald Trump on the other side of any issue which affects Blacks but I’ll take you there anyway.

In May 1989, a white female jogger was brutally raped and savagely beaten in Central Park, New York City (NYC); five black teenagers were arrested and charged with the heinous crime. Donald Trump took a full page ad in four New York City newspapers which read “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY! BRING BACK THE POLICE!” Granted, Donald Trump was not the only one outraged over the brutal rape of a young woman. The sensational aspect of the rape a) pressured an already bias criminal justice system to speed up the trial and sent “those criminals” to rot in jail b) contributed to further cement racism against Blacks in an already hostile environment to Blacks. All five teenagers were tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. They were 14 and 15 years except for one who was 16; yes, they were all teenagers.

If you are white and racist, prejudiced and biased, it wouldn’t matter a bit to you that “those criminals” were kids; they were black and they committed a crime, that’s all you needed to know. Coincidentally, that was exactly Donald Trump’s position. If those kids were white, most Whites would expect the criminal justice system to be lenient towards “those confused kids” who had gone astray and needed to be reformed. I know that because we have plenty of examples even today. Not too long ago in 2011, in Mississippi, a pack of white teenagers (ages between 18-25) hit on purpose a black man with a pickup truck; one of them didn’t get enough fun torturing the victim, he went back and ran the truck over the already tortured body. Newspapers casted the action of those grown men as childish, reckless (but not criminal) and suggested the court punished them so they can “learn from their mistakes”; translation, to be lenient.

You may also recall the young man known as the “affluenza teen” (he was 16, Ethan Couch) in Texas who killed four people in a drunk driving accident; he was sentenced to rehabilitation and ten years of probation during which he would not drink any alcohol. What a harsh punishment that was!

Picture the same scenario under which Ethan Couch was black which brings me back to the Central Park Five, the expression used then to refer to those five black kids who allegedly raped and beat to death a white female jogger.

Notice that whenever any issue has to do with a black individual, everyone is quick to pass judgement but if it’s a white individual, everyone is quick to suggest not to rush to judgement. Remember the Central Park Five? Well, it so happens that the detective lied to those kids; he assured them if they confessed to the crime (even though the detective couldn’t prove they did), they would be released to go home. Imagine a fourteen-year old who is already scared that his parents would find out he sneaked out of the house, let alone arrested for murder. To those naïve minded kids, that was a compromise they could live with; so, they did what kids in a similar situation would do, they agreed to lie so they could be freed to go home. Unfortunately, those kids didn’t understand that to confess to a crime (whether they committed or not) was the dumbest think they could have ever done in their lives. Although there were many, very many discrepancies in the accounts of the rape, – remember they had to come up with a story! – as far as the detective was concerned, people were asking for the crucifixion of the criminals and he provided the blacks. Who cared about discrepancies in the accounts of the rape? They were blacks, they must have committed the crime. The worst of Whites in general, Donald Trump in particular rose to the surface. Blinded by racism, no one not even in the media questioned how the police arrived at the conclusion. Who cared? The Central Park Five were blacks.

Do you care to know that no DNA of the “five teenage criminals” was found on (or near) the victim? Remember that she was also raped? Which criminal justice system would proceed to charge those kids without direct evidence that the accused’ DNA was nowhere to be found on the victim? Who cared? They were blacks; they had to have committed the rape.

Donald Trump was the loudest voice asking for the crucifixion of the “five teenagers”. Mr. Trump took full page ads on several newspapers with headline: “CIVIL LIBERTIES END WHEN AN ATTACK ON OUR SAFETY BEGINS!” and expressed his feeling this way: “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!”

Sounds familiar? It should. During his presidential bid campaigns, he has repeatedly suggested that “police officers are not being treated fairly” and as president, he would change all that. He would give them unfettered power and anybody who kills a police officer would immediately get death penalty, although as president, Trump would have no power over those issues. Those statements usually come on the heels of protests for police brutality or killing of blacks. Trump’s opinion towards blacks then was bias; Trump’s opinion towards blacks now is still bias. No black individual with a rational mind can trust any word out of his mouth in regards to anything about the black community. Trump’s bias towards Blacks is probably the only consistency in his life (well, lying is another), and it shows.

Almost fifteen years later, the story of the true criminal Matias Reyes emerged; not only did he confess to having raped Trisha Meili (the white female jogger), an investment banker at Salomon Brothers but he also provided details which were not in the news. But most importantly, the DNA police found on the victim matches Matias’.

The ”Central Park Five”, the “five teenage criminals”, the thugs who savagely beat to death a white woman, the “roving gang” (as reported in the Daily News then) were completely exonerated and all charges were completely dropped and they were all freed. There was no sensational headline; there was no outrage that the justice system has robbed five black kids of their youth; there was not even an apology from the media which humiliated them then; there was not a single word from Donald Trump.

Yes folks, the criminal justice system only works for the Whites. A white individual accused of a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty but any Black accused of a crime is considered guilty unless s/he can prove innocence beyond reasonable doubt. That was the environment the Central Park Five were tried under. Sadly, it is still the environment most Blacks live under today. People like Donald Trump make it all the more difficult to right the wrong done to the Central Park Five. Upon their exoneration and having successfully sued the City of New York for wrongful conviction, the Central Park Five received in 2014 a $40 million settlement ($1 million for each year they spent behind bars).

Instead of recognizing the wrong done to those kids – they were labeled criminals, thugs; Donald Trump wanted them executed – and being apologetic to have called for their execution, Donald Trump wrote an op-ed in the New York Daily News and called the settlement a disgrace. As far as Donald Trump is concerned, to have destroyed the lives of those kids wrongfully should not cost the system; after all, they are Blacks. Here is how Mr. Trump put it in the op-ed:

Forty million dollars is a lot of money for the taxpayers of New York to pay when we are already the highest taxed city and state in the country. The recipients must be laughing out loud at the stupidity of the city.

Speak to the detectives on the case and try listening to the facts. These young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.”

Yes, Donald Trump is a bigot; he doesn’t care a bit about blacks; so, his “reaching out” to blacks must be seen with the utmost suspicion. Mr. Trump couldn’t even bring himself to apologize not only for being wrong but also for leading the charge against those kids, and yet he finds it a disgrace for the City to try to remedy for the wrongdoing in the justice system. That’s the Donald Trump who has always been towards Blacks.

As I mentioned in a previous article, no Black with a functioning brain could possibly support Donald Trump. The Trumps’ bias towards Blacks is a family legacy; and Donald Trump, now the standard bearer of the legacy, has proven time and again he has no intention of throwing away that evil legacy.

Blacks who support Donald Trump should check themselves into a mental institution, literally!

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