The Lying King – Part 3

Lying King

Donald Trump is in no position to accuse Hillary (or anybody else) of lying. Most everything he says is a flat out lie or a complete fabrication. When a witness is called to testify in a trial, his credibility is usually the determining factor regarding the testimony he gives; that’s the reason both the defense and the prosecution go to great length to find credible witnesses to put on the stand in order to strengthen their cases. It’s near impossible to imagine Donald Trump as a credible witness; it’s common knowledge that he is divorced (no pun intended) with the truth. It is therefore quite confusing to listen to his supporters make the case against Hillary Clinton because she lies. What exactly could they possibly mean?

The “She is a Liar” Excuses Are Just that, Excuses.

Up to this point I have been flabbergasted by the percentage of the constituents – 40% per Aug 26-Sept 1 Reuters/Ipsos poll – who support Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States. One thing jumps out however, at least, that’s what some Trump’ supporters want to convey, they hate the Clintons; in fact they resent them. I have yet to figure out at which point in their political career they have accumulated so much hatred across the country but one thing remains certain, most people who hate Hillary, most people who claim they couldn’t possibly vote for Hillary have no idea why. You read correctly. Most have absolutely no idea why they won’t vote for Hillary.

I take that back.

85% of the people who “couldn’t possibly vote for Hillary” express that she is a liar; the other 15% simply don’t like her, my suspicion is probably because they too believe “she is a liar”. Of course, the 15% did not actually say that but they couldn’t give a reason either. If my conclusion is correct, 100% of the people who “couldn’t possibly vote for Hillary” have one very alarming reason, she is a liar. For sake of the discussion here, we will use the largest percentage. 85% of the people who would not vote for Hillary is because she is a liar.

That’s very confusing; those same people would gleefully vote for Trump. If you follow the argument here, it should be obvious that those who would not vote for Clinton – but would vote for Trump – are either completely deprived of a rational mind or lie about the reason they would not vote for Hillary. Here is why; if the reason they give is because Mrs. Clinton is a liar, there is no rationale which could justify those same individuals would vote for Trump. It has been proven time and again there is not much Trump says that’s true; have already determined that 75% of what Trump says are “pants on fire” type of statements (i.e. completely false), the other 25% fall between lies, outright lies and some string of truth. Donald Trump makes up (fabricates) most of what he says.

So, the constituents who hate Hillary because she is a liar, why do they love an even bigger liar, the Lying King?

It is safe to conclude that Hillary has lied – all politicians lie; in fact, one would be naïve to think otherwise – but Donald Trump is a professional liar who fabricates stuff on the fly which brings me back to those who have vehemently argued against supporting Hillary because she is a liar but enthusiastically considered voting for Trump. No matter how much one tries to spin this, it makes absolutely no sense, except to those who support Trump. Justifications to support Trump defy logic.

So, the excuses Republicans fleeing the Trump’s wagon provide are not the reason they would not vote for Hillary. It’s time they all drop the “she lies part” because we’ve already proven that by any analysis she is much better than Trump; she speaks the truth more often than Trump has in his lifetime. puts Mrs. Clinton telling the truth at 51% of the time, Donald Trump at just 17%. So, what is the real reason people are fleeing the Clinton?

Could they simply be attracted to the Lying King? “Lie To Me” is an article which may help understand why the Trump’ supporters do not care at all that he has lied his way to the nomination and they hope he can lie his way to the Oval Office. He is after all the Lying King.


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