GOP Doesn’t Mix Well With BLACKS

BlackLivesMatter is a movement created exclusively to bring attention to police brutality, violation of civil rights and senseless killing (bordering executions) of Blacks on the streets. To most Republicans, BlackLivesMatter is an inconvenience; their mouthpiece Fox Opinion always labels the group in derogatory terms, “a bunch of thugs”, a nuisance to society (Fox Hosts really mean a nuisance to Whites). I always try to imagine which labels hosts at Fox would have used to refer to Martin Luther King Jr – if the network was in existence then – when he organized the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on March 25, 1965 to protest against civil rights violation and police brutality. No doubt the language would have been the same, probably worse. It seems that no one at Fox is smart enough to understand that protests against government wrongdoing represent the fabric of democracy. Their comments, their campaign against protests (when organized by Blacks) are what’s actually wrong with the country. Then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise. Fox is the voice of the Republican Party.

There was a time when the Republican Party attended to issues which affected Blacks – which is one of the reasons most Blacks were either Republican or Republican leaning constituents – until Barry Goldwater, a Trump alter ego in the 1960’s, hijacked the Republican Party and became its standard bearer. Just like Trump, Barry was a bigot; he opposed the Civil Rights Act and aligned himself with the fringe elements of the Party. And the nation has never been the same again. Republican leaders at the highest level of government including presidents have since expressed sometimes subtly or publicly and most of the time privately disdain for Blacks. They continue to chip away Blacks’ dignity and insult the very people whose ancestors they had savagely exploited through slavery. From Ronald Reagan who introduced the Welfare Queen expression – a derogatory term which suggests that blacks are lazy people who spend their time idling and wait for regular welfare checks – to Donald Trump who made a mission out of proving that the first Black president is illegitimate. Any Black with a functioning brain cannot miss Republicans’ indifference towards Blacks.

Here is in a nutshell how Republicans – I do not mean just Donald Trump – treat Blacks in general; just like an abusive husband who beats the crap out of his wife, verbally insults her and pretends to be sorry when he feels horny and needs to have sex. If the wife gives in to the few seconds of sex performance the husband is capable of, she would quickly regret it because the abusive husband would demean her even during the sex act and proceed to hit her as if she is responsible for his dysfunctional penis.

It is no different for Blacks with the Republican Party in general. Ignored in its policy discussions, completely bypassed when enacting laws, blamed for everything that’s wrong in society but pretend to be sorry when there is a need for their votes. Donald Trump, now the standard bearer of the Party simply borrows a page from the Republican Party book and pretends to care about issues affecting Blacks. My upcoming article, Trump and the Blacks, will outline in further details Trump’s historic relationships with blacks; it’s not pretty.

Consider the individuals who make up their campaign (or cabinet) staff in general, be it at the local level (mayor, governor) or at the national level (president). Blacks are usually an afterthought to most Republicans running for public office. It reflects in their message; it reflects in their policy; it reflects in debates but when the voting season approaches (the need to have sex), Republicans suddenly remember they may need a percentage of blacks’ vote to make it to the finish line.

Blacks are kidding themselves into thinking that Republicans in general, Donald Trump in particular, care about their plights, their conditions, their situations, the issues which affect them. – Read “No (Apartment) Vacancies for Blacks…” an article in the New York Times which gives a historic look at Trump’s bigotry in the making, when he was just 17 years old; Mr. Trump learned from his father Fred Trump who also expressed disdain for Blacks

Look no further than the current plague which have stricken the black community lately, police brutality and execution of blacks on the streets across the country. Tune in to Fox Opinion, – known and referred to by most as Fox News – the principal mouthpiece of the Republican Party and listen to how the hosts frame the tragedies which have besieged the black community. One host after another find it easy to blame the victims; yes, you read correctly. Hosts at Fox have blamed the victims of police brutality and killing 100% of the time. If you guess it’s because the victims are black (or Hispanic sometimes), you must be psychic. After Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, MI, it was his fault; after all, he was a thug, a no good; after Trayvon Martin got killed in Florida, it was his fault (Sean Hannity provided a platform to Zimmerman after the killing to promote him as having done the right thing); after Eric Garner was choked to death by a police officer, he shouldn’t have engaged in illegal sales of cigarettes; besides, he was obese, and on and on. Not once did any Republican – and this is not a manner of speaking – I mean not a single Republican Leader came forward to condemn police brutality and killing of blacks. However, when the army reservist Micah Johnson gunned down five police officers in Texas in retaliation for the executions by police officers of two black men, Philando Castille in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana, every Republican in the country voiced anger, frustration and condemned the act of killing those officers. If you’ve been paying attention, here is what it boils down to when it comes to Blacks in the Republican Party: they do not matter; after all, they deserve to be brutalized by police, they deserve to be shot; they’re black, aren’t they?

I do not believe that Donald Trump or any Republican Representative gives a hoot about issues blacks are confronting. Even a blind man could see better than those few blacks who have become Trump’ surrogates. If you go behind the scene to dig further about the handful of blacks who support Trump, there are two factors which might jump at you immediately a) they are surrogates with benefit b) they expect a position within a Trump’s administration.

So, it’s not because those few blacks believe in what Trump (or the Republican Party) offers to Blacks. You don’t have to believe a word I wrote here but at least pay attention to what they have to say about Trump’s plan for blacks. It should be obvious within a minute or two of talking to anyone of those few blacks that a) either they are dumb and gullible b) or they are “mentally blind” or challenged.

The Republican Party in general, Donald Trump in particular, has offered no specifics as far as plan to solve issues found in the black community; Donald Trump speaks in general terms. Don’t take my word for it; on his website (, as of this writing, there is not even a single sentence which points to issues relating to the black community. So, his so-called speech to reach out to blacks is not just a joke, it’s an insult to any Black with a functioning brain.

The Trump candidacy is in and of itself a demagoguery; now, he is dragging the Blacks’ struggle into the gutter with him but the most painful aspect of it all is to watch a handful of blacks who have joined Trump’s campaign as an opportunity for a job. Mr. Trump has made a career out of insulting blacks including the president of the United States. My upcoming article, Trump and the Blacks, outlines in further details Trump’s relationships with Blacks. I am fairly certain those few blacks who are now supporting Trump will have a lot of explaining to do to their offspring. Donald Trump is a demagogue, unfit to be president. I lament belonging to a group which is still forced to “work in the field” in order to be allowed to live with scrutiny and suspicion.

If the Republican Party is serious about courting blacks, it cannot be a flash in a pan election promise. It must a sustaining effort to address issues Blacks confront every day at the work place, on the streets and even in the criminal justice system. Blacks must refuse to be abused during the day and agree to open its legs at night (for its abuser).

Blacks’ struggle in America is much too real to allow a few numbskulls the opportunity to hijack the movement. The Republican Party used to attend to blacks’ issues until Barry Goldwater. Donald Trump is the new Barry Goldwater. Any Black with a sense of patriotism and a functioning brain cannot justify aligning with and supporting Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of a nation.


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