The Lying King Have Disciples Everywhere

Lying King

Imagine your cousin Vinny – the one who lives in the mansion on top of the mountain, surrounded by acres of land, a stunning ocean view, cared for by seven maids, a couple of butlers; he also owns a few luxury cars, a chopper, a boat loaded with features; he even owns a James Bond Mercedes Benz replica which can turn into a private submarine, yes that cousin – offered to manage your money. How could you possibly say no to someone so successful? As you began the process of cashing in your Certificate of Deposits (CDs), emptying your retirement fund accounts to entrust the management of all your money to your cousin, you found out by sheer luck that he filed for bankruptcy in the past, not once or twice but seven times. You were no longer so sure about your cousin’s ability to make you rich, like he is. Then again, maybe he could. Sure, he filed bankruptcy but he seems to be doing quite well. Who can argue with his success? You visited him several times, toured the sky on his chopper a few times; you even borrowed one of his luxury cars a couple of times to impress the girl you’ve been asking out for the past ten years.

So, you were sold. You definitely trusted your cousin to make your life financially better. One day before you actually turned all your money over to your cousin Vinny, you had lunch with a few co-workers and mentioned in passing that a “financial guru” (withholding the info that the guru is your cousin) would be managing your money and you expected “great things” to happen in the next couple of years. One of the co-workers, unaware of your cousin’ story (he filed for bankruptcy in the past), suggested you took a look at the “guru’s financials, mainly his tax returns” before proceeding. “Many financial gurus”, he said, “get involved in shady deals in order to give appearance of success all the while losing other people’s money; make sure you see his tax returns prior to entrusting your lifesaving. If he doesn’t want to show his tax documents, chances are things are not what they seem.”

No big deal, you thought; you’ll just ask your cousin to see his tax documents. When you asked, your cousin had no problem with your request; however, he never could remember to send the documents but never failed to remind you that every day which passed without investing is another missed opportunity. After reminding him several times about the documents, he became angry and questioned the purpose for your request. You explained to him that your benefits’ advisor at work believes successful and reputable money managers would make that information available to anyone who asks for it; besides, unless you see the tax documents you would not turn your money to him, you told your cousin. Vinny turned nasty, insulting and even wished you financial ill. Sound familiar? It should be.

Donald Trump lashes at anyone who asks to see his tax return documents but wants you “to simply trust him” that he is a great and successful businessman. Mr. Trump fabricates most everything he says (to his supporters- take a look at the chart above). Since the primaries, he’s relied a great deal on his loud voice to drown out his opponents all the while promoting fibs to a very gullible crowd of supporters. You don’t have to be a genius, actually, you don’t even need a High School diploma to do simple math (like 2 + 2) or draw simple conclusions (like all men are mortal, you are a man, therefore, you are …) Imagine that a man (or a woman) you’ve been dating for several years has rejected time and again the idea for you to visit her at home or even pick her up there. Would you not want to know what she is hiding? Would you simply take her word that nothing is going on? Would you? Under that scenario, would you take the relation to the next level and propose to her? Of course not! At least most rational individuals would want to find out what’s going on before committing to a serious relationship. Well, your lover Donald Trump has been lying to you since the day you’ve met him but he told me to tell you to just trust him.

He’s repeated those lies so frequently even he has come to believe they’re true. He’s made billions of dollars because he’s very good in negotiating deals; he’s the billionaire all other billionaires should take a page from; he’s the billionaire, the only one smart enough to negotiate good trade deals for the United States. He knows China like nobody else; he knows Russia like no other politician; as far as Mexico, well, you already know the rest. What Donald left out is his very successful companies had filed several bankruptcies, six to be exact, the latest bankruptcy filing was in 2009. So, what? You might say. You mean, besides the possibility that he may be – again – on the verge of filing another bankruptcy? Absolutely nothing.

It is widespread belief that most Trump’ supporters have no clue why someone would have a company filed for bankruptcy. They heard the word before, they have a general idea but they are totally clueless as far as the implication. That is probably one of the reasons it doesn’t bother any of them that Trump filed for bankruptcy six times. That may also be the reason they continue to believe Trump is a great businessman; that is most likely the reason they blindly believe Trump is capable of helping US economy. For those who don’t want to stay ignorant or in the dark, here is a primer.

NO company (or individual) files bankruptcy because it’s doing great financially. Trump could be the exception; he is probably the first and only successful businessman who has to file for bankruptcy every so often. His latest filing was in 2009. I was just kidding about successful businessman filing for bankruptcy; maybe I meant, successfully filing for bankruptcy. Let me repeat: no company (or individual) files bankruptcy because it’s doing great financially. I know you already know that, I acknowledged so earlier; you may have a general idea what bankruptcy is. But what you probably didn’t know, something which should puzzle you is why would a successful businessman such as Donald Trump file for bankruptcy six times? I’d bet you never asked that question before. Since Mr. Trump has thus far refused to release his tax returns documents which could provide answers to many questions, we can only provide here general parameters within which Trump operates his business. There are only two ways to explain Trump’s frequent habit of filing for bankruptcy- 1) he is not the successful businessman he portrays himself to be 2) he deliberately screws people over. Neither one of those “qualities” a rational individual would want in a president.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Lying King in which we explore whether Mr. Trump is a “great businessman who screws people over” regularly or a very bad businessman with shady deals and a lying habit.  In the meantime, share this article with your social network. You may also want to take a look at A Case Against Donald Trump For President.

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