Trump Makes Insanity Contagiously Simple

What Does Insanity Look Like?

The face of insanity is usually difficult to pinpoint but this year, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Trump, science made a breakthrough. Soon, we will not only be able to identify but also to help anyone who has contracted the disease or stayed the hell away from that individual.

A few weeks ago, Katrina Pierson, one of Trump’s most outspoken surrogates laid blames of war in Afghanistan on Obama, a war which occurred in 2001 while George W. Bush was president; a few days later, Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager put it differently, it was Obama’s policy which caused the need for the war in the first place. Hmm! Yesterday, Monday August 15, 2016, Rudy Giuliani stated there was never any terrorist attack on US soil before Obama took office. Mind you Mr. Giuliani was mayor of New York when 9/11 happened and George W. Bush was president of the United States. When in doubt, blame Obama. It always works; it has worked for seven years. Why stop now?

If it’s not yet obvious, let me point it out: Donald Trump and surrogates will say anything (facts are optional, the truth is not important) to convince anyone that Trump is the Savior the country needs. In the video below, Donald Trump himself tells his supporters how a president should behave and make the case against choosing him as president.

If you support Donald Trump, it is very likely you have no idea what Donald Trump is about; here is the main reason, you listen only to Donald Trump and only pay attention to his surrogates whose sole job is to echo whatever he says but you also make it a point to ignore everybody else. I know that because I used to be in those shoes.

Even if you were deprived of all common sense, wouldn’t your sense of patriotism at least guide you to make a choice of a leader you (and everybody else) can be proud of? No way could you (or anyone) look forward to a President Trump! No matter how irrational one may be, one cannot possibly have pride for Donald Trump to represent the United States on the world stage. I refuse to believe anyone here in the United States could be so completely deprived of common sense. No, it’s not a discussion of how much you dislike Hillary Clinton, it’s not a discussion of how much you hate her, how much you can’t stand her or even how despicable you may find her, not even that much hatred can possibly justify choosing a demagogue over the most qualified individual bidding for the presidency in a very long time. No, I refuse to believe anyone here in the United States could be so ignorant, so gullible, so blinded by hatred not to be able to make a simple decision between the undisputable most qualified individual and the bona fide certified demagogue. I refuse to believe such ignorance exists in a country with the best universities in the world. What am I missing?

Does making simple decisions (between right and wrong, good and evil, Hillary and Donald) require a brain? Does it even require the use of the brain? Does the act of voting fall into the category of instinct? I asked because it has become more and more difficult to understand the use of the brain among a large sector of the population; some 43% of Republicans according to the latest polls are Trump’ supporters. Without coming across insulting – although I suspect there is no way around when discussing Trump in general; he is right now in America the second most hated individual; who could possibly be first? (nope, it’s not Obama) – but I do need to understand the rationale Trump’ supporters use to justify their unwavering support for the Donald.

I do however understand how it got to this point. Trump was initially widely supported by what the media referred to as “angry” constituents but those “angry individuals”, referred to later in this article as simply “angries” or “angry crowd” or “angry individuals” are not the same as the “angry people”, referred to later as simply “disenchanted” (with Washington, with politicians) who later joined the Trump’s movement if it can be so called.

The “angries” are those individuals who share Trump’s ideals about Immigrants, Muslims, Blacks, Homosexuals and Women. They would love to have Trump in the Oval Office irrespective of the cost to the Republic; Trump would undoubtedly split the nation – by race, by religion, by preferences, by origin and yes even by the way the government should function – in order to satisfy their ill-cultured emotions and dislikes for anyone who doesn’t share their views or doesn’t “look like” them.

The “disenchanted” on the other hand are constituents who have grown tired of the gridlock in Washington and turned off by politicians’ empty promises. Although the “disenchanted’” concerns are reasonable, – any politician willing to do the job s/he holds should be able to address the group’s concerns – they have misplaced their hope and trust on the same wrong- individual the angries have; coincidentally, the individual in question Donald Trump happens to voice a sharing of their concern albeit as an afterthought. Regardless, both the “angries” and the “disenchanted” form together – although not by alliance – a group large enough to propel Trump to the top of the Republican ticket and become the official standard bearer of the Party.

The rumbling and tumbling of the campaign have blurred the line between the two groups but what has inflated Trump’s ego (exacerbated the situation) and given him legitimacy is the fact that the “disenchanted” have completely moved beyond their original grievances, – to see an end to the gridlock and for politicians to make good on their promises, i.e. to work together to advance agendas beneficial to The People – they’ve begun to identify with the “angries”; they’ve helped to promote Trump’s message and even adopted some of the “angries’” language and behavior. What turns a bad day – Trump ran for president – into a nightmare – Trump becomes the Republican nominee – and possibly into a scary movie, – Trump may become the president – it’s difficult to separate the two groups now.

There is no hope at all for the “angries” to become (upgrade to) “disenchanted”; – whose true objective is to change Washington, to force politicians to keep their promises, to incentivize them to work on behalf of The People – the “angries” have always been who they are, angry individuals who could not get passed the changes in the population and the need to assimilate and change with time; as far as they are concerned, “things” should stay the same, whites must continue to rule, blacks must “stay in their place”, be pushed to the back of the bus,  be deprived of any right, continue to work in the field for the white masters and so on, women to have no voice. The “angries” always yearn for someone who can turn back the clock and they found all that in Trump’s rhetoric.

Sadly, the possibility of downgrade from “disenchanted” to “angries” is also high; it’s much easier for someone who is “disenchanted” with the status quo in Washington to use or accept any argument which could help get rid of a politician. Trump promises all that. Because of the fusion (of the two groups), it is difficult to imagine a case against Trump would amount to anything; there were plenty of #NEVERTRUMP initiatives which eventually went away but considering what’s at stake, it’s worth trying to appeal to the “disenchanted” one more time.

Have you considered the possibility that Trump suffer of mental disability? Have you given some thought to having a president deprived of a rational mind? Have you considered the fact that he doesn’t listen to anyone? Have you considered the fact that he has a God complex, he thinks he is “the only one” capable of fixing everything wrong in the country? Have you considered the fact that he has constantly incited violence between various social groups? Have you considered the fact that instead of proposing solution to the problem of race relations in the country, he is proposing to give carte blanche to police officers who have frequently violated human rights? Have you considered that a civil war would most likely occur under a Trump presidency? Well, I have.

I like lots of what Trump’s (and Bernie’s) supporters want; in fact, the very objective of the People Branch is to mobilize the electorate to help change how our government operates; the ultimate objective is to have the government functioned for the benefits of The People. But there is one thing I am absolutely certain, Donald Trump is not the answer; he doesn’t have the answer.

Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of a nation.


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