The Long Journey into Trump’s Head – Part 2

If you support Donald Trump, it is very likely you have no idea what Donald Trump is about; the main reason, only Donald Trump  makes sense to you and you only pay attention to his surrogates whose sole job is to echo whatever he says, however absurd or ridiculous, but you make it a point to ignore everybody else. I know that because I used to be in those shoes. In fact, if you’ve been reading this blog, you would have already read several articles about Trump which painted him with a fine brush (good for the Republican Party I suggested); you would have learned three months in advance (before it actually happened; I predicted it on February 23, 2016) he would be the nominee of the Republican Party.

There are several areas where I agree with Trump wholeheartedly; – you can read about that in the blog – I am not however naïve (like most of his supporter fanatics who still have high regard for him) to ignore other extremely important areas which could impact the country greatly. I do not write this series to lure Trump’s fanatics away from him (or to please his opponents). Fanatics are just that, fanatics; they don’t care much about anything else. So, I would not waste time trying to convince them otherwise. I write to appeal to those who still make use of their brains, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of their continuing support for Trump. I also try to avoid anyone who simply repeats what they’ve heard from political partys’ mouthpieces (Fox Networks, MSNBC, Rush, Hewitt, Ann Coulter and the likes). Put differently, this article is not for you if you are a fanatic or you simply let somebody else dictate what you should do, how you should think, and take over your brain.

When Trump jumped into the race, I found him entertaining just like most people; despite his language however – no one can deny is outrageous, absurd at times, ridiculous most of the time – there were plenty of ideas he brought forth one should not ignore just because they came from Trump. For instance a) I happen to agree with the general idea for the United States to stop policing the world; it is very costly to the taxpayers and claims the lives of our service men and women for no apparent reason most of the time b) I happen to agree with the idea for the US military bases around the world to be partially sustained financially by the host countries c) I happen to agree with the idea that United Nations need to be revamped d) I happen to agree with the idea that China should be responsible to deal with North Korea, Russia should be responsible to deal with Ukraine and US government should spend more time building a better and safer US.

While the details of those ideas and their implementations can be debated, they are not necessarily bad ideas for the United States government to consider. However, there are also many other areas where a Trump presidency would plunge the country into complete chaos. For instance, a) his approach to solving Hispanic migration into the country would be an invitation for those who share his ideals to have frequent and public confrontations with the Hispanic communities across the country b) his approach to solving terrorism by banning Muslims’ entrance would also trigger public confrontations with the Muslims c) his approach to give carte blanche to the police would trigger even more frequent confrontations between the police and the black community. Those are very serious problems which could eventually erupt into civil war; all of which are provoked and nurtured by Trump’s rhetoric, definitely not something anyone would want in a president. No Trump’s supporter and/or surrogate can claim Trump would change if he were to become president. He is what he is.

For Trump’s fanatics, Hillary is worse than Trump, that’s the reason they provide to support Trump instead of Hillary. First, we both know that’s baloney; Republicans have never supported – at least not publicly – a Democrat nominee since the existence of the Republic. So, the idea that Trump’s fanatics would have supported Hillary – if they didn’t think she was worse than Trump – is an argument to put babies to sleep. Second, Hillary has embraced most of Obama’s policies, something that most (if not all) Trump’s supporters have vehemently, adamantly and publicly opposed. Trump’s supporters hate Obama and everything Obama. In fact, Republicans in general and Trump’s supporters in particular have campaigned to prevent an “Obama third term”, referring to Hillary’s election to the presidency. So, the idea that Trump’s supporters would have supported Hillary – if they didn’t think she was worse than Trump – is at best an outright deception.

Since Trump had clinched the Republican nomination, there have been two major areas of focus adopted by his campaign to win the presidency: a) paint Hillary as a liar and b) make lots of promises (to bring jobs back to the country, to make America Great Again, to be tough on trade, to build a wall, to ban Muslims entry into the country, to go after ISIS…)

1.- Paint Hillary as a liar

Trump and his surrogates have had just one platform to run on, to call Hillary a liar; almost every tweet from Trump reinforces that message. In fact, it is adopted by Trump’s campaign as the strategy to win the presidency. There is precedent; during the primaries, Trump used that approach to singlehandedly knock all his opponents out of the race. His calculation for the general elections is simple: he doesn’t need to provide any solution to any problem (he doesn’t have one; go to his campaign website and see for yourself how little effort he puts into anything); he simply needs to bash his opponent constantly, paint the opponent with the ugliest brush, a strategy he hopes would rally his supporters and at the same would discourage his opponent’s supporters.

It is undeniably true that Hillary had lied but Hillary is not any worse than other politicians; so why does she pay a much higher price? This is not an argument to condone politicians’ lies but rather an effort to try to understand the reasoning behind the outrage about Hillary’s lies. Donald Trump should be the last person to call Hillary a liar; it’s proven time and again that Trump simply cannot speak the truth, he’s divorced with the truth; but worst, he actually made up stuff as he goes along. Here is how Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University describes the Trump’s lying habit “In American history, we’ve never had a major presidential candidate who fabricated facts with the regularity of Donald Trump; He just simply makes up things.”

Last week alone, a) Trump claimed that the NFL sent him a letter to complain about the upcoming presidential debates schedule; the NFL did not send any letter to Trump; in fact, nobody at the NFL spoke to Trump about the subject b) Trump claimed that the Koch brothers wanted to meet with him to offer their support; if you guess there was never any such attempt by the Koch brothers to reach out to Trump, you must be psychic c) Trump claimed he saw a video showing hundreds of millions of dollars being unloaded from a plane in Iran; if you guess no such video exists, you’re ready to open your own psychic hotline, you’re good.

And this week (Monday, August 8, 2016), in a speech to outline his economic plan for the country, he has not only repeated and offered the same policy which took the country to the brink of collapse during the Bush administration but he has also made up a lot of stuff and lied about his opponent’s position and the statistics. Read the fact checking of the speech.

But Trump’s supporters continue to claim he is better than Hillary? I am completely baffled by their ignorance and gullibility. This is yet the most blatant proof that Trump’s supporters do not care a bit about the fact that Mr. Trump stands for nothing. No argument can change that; not even facts can move them. The outcome is obvious to all (except Trump’s supporters): Hillary is dishonest, Trump is outrageously dishonest. Think of it this way, whatever Trump says is most likely a lie or fabrication. For any Trump’s supporter or surrogate to call Hillary a liar is the most laughable statement.

2.- Trump promises to bring jobs back

From what you just read in the previous paragraph, it seems almost a waste of time to try to discuss any promise Trump had made. We’ll discuss it anyway. The promise to bring jobs back to the country is one of the few promises Trump made which have attracted a crowd of supporters during the primaries, for good reason. At the end of George W. Bush’s administration, the country was on the verge of collapse; despite the recovery under the Obama’s administration, there is still much to be done. So, it’s understandable that the next president has to address this problem; rightfully so, as someone who vies for the Oval Office, Trump promises to address the job issue, mainly to bring back the manufacturing jobs which have gone mostly to China.

If we set aside for a moment the fact that everything Trump says is lie and fabrication and assume he is serious about bringing jobs back into the country, we would still be very disappointed. Not for the reason you may be thinking right now; no, not that. Because Trump would outright deceive us all. You see, the clothing Trump sells in the US market is manufactured in China. And although he’s been on the campaign trail for almost 14 months now and continued to repeat he would bring jobs back to the country, he has not taken any initiative to bring the manufacturing of his products back in the United States. What could be better proof to bring jobs back than by starting with your own business? You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that Trump has no interest in bringing jobs back into the country. He says what you want to hear, nothing more.

Although I like some of the ideas Trump promotes in the campaign trail, I am not naive to believe he would do any of those things even if he were to become president. Besides, as I pointed out in Part One, Trump displays all the symptoms of an individual with serious mental challenge; I cannot in good conscience provide my support to someone who would undoubtedly cause the greatest tragedy in the country.


Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation.

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