The Long Journey into Trump’s Head

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If you support Donald Trump, it is very likely you have no idea what Donald Trump is about; here is the main reason, you only listen to Donald Trump and only pay attention to those who have something good to say about him but you make it a point to ignore everybody else. That is definitely not a good approach. A smart individual would want to hear everything (good and bad) about someone before making a decision. You would not want to engage and eventually marry someone without learning as much as possible about the individual, would you?

Would you wait after the wedding to find out what kind of person you’ve married? What if it turns out the person you love so much and marry is a serial murderer? Would you have still married that individual if you knew beforehand? What if everyone (friends, family members and even acquaintances) warns you beforehand that the individual you’re about to marry is a serial killer, has disappointed many before or is simply not a serious individual, would you still marry him/her? (Let me know how that turns out) Would you entrust your life to such individual? And you want to entrust a whole nation to someone who fits similar description?

For instance, when a new product comes out or a new service is offered, smart people read the reviews to avoid becoming the “next victim”; and when you read negative reviews, you don’t just ignore them and buy the product anyway. It wouldn’t make sense to waste the time reading the reviews if you’re going to buy the product regardless, right? Well, in the case of your support for Trump, the stake is even higher; to simply ignore contrarian viewpoints is not only stupid, it’s downright dangerous. We are talking about handing the most important job to an individual who seems mentally unstable; we’re talking about having to rely on someone who would make decisions which will affect the country and undoubtedly would impact the whole world.

This is not a decision to make on the fly; this cannot be taken lightly. You cannot simply ignore what others (know and) say about him. It’s not just about you; it’s not about your feelings. It is about the Republic, the world, your children, future generations. This is not a reality TV show. It is an extremely important decision, probably the most important one in your lifetime.

If you have the slightest shred of patriotism left, I encourage you to consider hearing those who do not approve of Trump in order to learn a thing or two about their reasons. It is much too important to leave it to chances; it is much too important to figure it out afterwards. It is our children’s future. Here is below “Part One” of the journey into Mr. Trump’s brain.

You see, I love watching Animal Planet channel; well, I used to spend countless hours watching. Do you watch Animal Planet? I take your silence as a “yes”. Have you ever wondered what animals think during their interactions? I have. What would you think if you see a lion dash after a prey, suddenly stop and turn around? How about a constrictor – snake which kills its prey by depriving it of blood and oxygen – which simply let go of a prey for no apparent reason? The common denominator in both examples is that you as the observer have no way of knowing what the animal would do or not do but most mysterious is why it acts out of character.

Sadly, we do have someone in our midst who displays similar behavior; that individual vies for the Oval Office; that individual would be able to deprive our nation of blood and oxygen; have we not already been given previews of his state of mind?

Have you considered the possibility that Trump may have a serious mental disability? I do not mean that as a joke or a line for someone to use to score political points. I have been analyzing Trump’s behavior and it has become more and more obvious that he might indeed suffer of some form of mental disability at the worst or has multiple personalities. I know, I am not a psychiatrist but it behooves to give it serious thought; the individual in question vies for the highest office in the land, within reach of the most devastating weapon capability, the launch of a nuclear missile.

You would not entrust a rapist to watch over your teenage daughter, would you? You would not entrust a pedophile to care for your child, would you? No matter how angry you would be with your nanny, would you entrust your child to a pedophile? Of course not! Those are rhetorical questions; I am fairly certain you would not in either scenario.

You surely can understand why it is so darn difficult for me to comprehend why you (or anyone) would entrust the future of our nation in the hands of a mentally unstable individual. You do not need a psychology degree to appreciate “the degree” (no pun intended) of incoherence in Trump’s language, the lack of substance in his words, the lack of discipline in his methods and the sudden change of personality at any moment. Why would anyone in the right frame of mind want to entrust the responsibility of the presidency of the United States to someone with such obvious mental instability?

It was funny, entertaining downright ridiculous during the primaries to watch Donald Trump squabbling with the others on the stage; it was mind boggling to figure out how the nonsense he uttered could be appealing to some. It was unbelievable his obnoxious behavior could be attractive enough to earn him victory after victory; it was mysterious he could knock out and knock down one opponent after another.

But it is no longer funny to contemplate the prospect that Trump may become the next president of the United States; it is FRIGHTENING!

It is not about you, it is not about Trump, it is not about a political party; it is about the future of a country which for centuries has attracted millions of people from the world across, now on the brink of irrelevancy. A victory for Trump in November would be the worst tragedy the country would face, and the aftermath could be irreversible. For the sake of our country, for the sake of future generations, for the sake of mankind, I implore you to help prevent such catastrophe. Your children, your grandchildren, future generations will thank you for having the courage to part with your party in order to save them, in order to save the country, in order to save mankind.

Donald Trump is not worth the sacrifice of our nation.


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