Democratic Convention – Day 2

If you watch Fox Opinion – known and referred to by most as Fox News – mostly or exclusively, you’re under the impression the Democratic Convention is a total failure and you’d of course be smiling to be reminded by Fox that the Republican Convention was a huge success. Who can argue with Fox? Instead of trying to figure out why there is such a big divide between the Fox Opinion World and the rest of the country, suffice to point out that in the 2012 elections, Fox Opinion re-assured his viewers that Mitt Romney would win in a landslide.

Having said that, here is a brief synopsis of what Day 2 looks like at the Democratic Convention.

1.- History was made, Hillary Clinton became the first female to become the nominee of a major political party. If you are a Republican, your opinion of her is negative; you most likely use derogatory words to refer to her; you probably label her between bad and despicable. Ironically, many people across the country and through the years who have had personal contact with the former First Lady know and experience a kind hearted, compassionate and very caring individual. Painted through Republican brush, Hillary is the embodiment of the devil; however, one needs not like Hillary to figure out that the deep-seated hatred for Hillary is unwarranted; it is rumored that because she stood by (and didn’t abandon) her husband when the Monica Lewinsky scandal could have derailed his presidency, most “independent” women saw her behavior as an affront and have been smearing ever since. While most Republicans would say that she’s untrustworthy, she lies a) Hillary is not any worse than any other politician b) Hillary speaks more truth than her current Republican opponent. According to, Trump only tells the truth 5% of the time, Hillary 51%

2.- Social issues which have plagued the country for a longtime were brought to the national audience in order to outline Hillary’s plan for solving those problems if she becomes president. I) Mothers of the Movement (MoM) – a group of mothers whose children were killed by police officers under suspicious conditions – gave an impassioned plea for the audience to vote for Hillary who gave her time to listen to their grievances, mourned with them and comforted them during those sad moments and promised to address the issue of community policing. II) Sex and Human Trafficking which continue to be one of the major problems the world faces, both of which Hillary had addressed with other countries including China when she was Secretary of State and will continue to address them as president.

3.- A parade of the former president Jimmy Carter, star politicians (Senator Schumer from NY; Nancy Pelosi; Rep. Marcia Fudge from OH; Eric Holder, former Atty General; Senator Barbara Boxer from CA) and Hollywood celebrities (Tony Goldwyn, SCANDAL actor; Elizabeth Banks, stars in Hunger Games, Walk of Shame; America Ferrera (star in Ugly Betty) & Lena Dunham (star in Happy Christmas)) who spoke to shore up support for the former First Lady by sharing stories, telling jokes, mocking her opponent and outlining Hillary’s credentials.

Also on display the second day of the convention were individuals with disability who told their stories and expressed their gratitude for Mrs. Clinton’ support and assistance during their difficult time in life. The disabled individuals at the Democrat Convention were to emphasize the stark difference between Hillary, the Democratic nominee who cares deeply and the Republican Donald Trump who makes fun of people with disability.

But two speakers were the highlight of the night, Bill Clinton, naturally and actress Meryl Streep. Bill did not give a speech; he took an approach with a personal touch; he took the audience with him in the journey from the time he met Hillary to today. Throughout, he described her strength, ability, compassion and love for her family; peppered with jokes, examples, Bill showcased his wife not only as someone who perseveres but also as someone who is always looking for ways to solve problems. Although it was a very long presentation, Bill captivated the audience and kept everyone  interested in Hillary’s (and his) life story. It is almost an hour long. If you have time, here is the link.

Meryl Streep wrapped up the night nicely, wishing for Hillary to become the first female president in the United States. The 4-minute video below is the story of America from George Washington to Obama through a female prism.

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