The Republican Convention – Day 4

Let the deportation begin!

Introduced by his daughter Ivanka who did a superb job mitigating the damage Trump has done to himself in regards to women, Trump walked into the podium in a sea of applause and cheers, exactly the way one would expect the nominee for the party would be welcomed on the day of his acceptance speech.

If you ignore for a minute that Trump’s acceptance speech was leaked four hours prior to its delivery, Day 4 was the best night at the Republican Convention for the Trump’s campaign.

As pointed out earlier, Ivanka did an excellent job humanizing her father, undoing his self-inflicted demagogue image and showcasing a man with vision, compassion and drive.

Although there was no flub on the part of Mr. Trump, – he did well to stick to teleprompter, the use of which he has ridiculed politicians for in the past – he painted a country which looks nothing like the one we live in; Trump’s brush doesn’t in any way reflect any aspect of the United States today or anytime in history. But he had to paint that picture for his audience, he had no choice. It was not an accident or an oversight. It was much like going behind the scene to watch the making of a movie scene leading to something bigger, something explosive. That’s exactly what Trump’ speechwriter had in mind, and Trump did a great job in the delivery as well. He paused at the right moment for cheers and applauses as well as boos warranted by statements in the speech which refer to the enemy, I mean the opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump painted a dark America – whether you recognize that country or not, whether such country exists or not was completely irrelevant – because as you might have already guessed, in any movie scene when things go bad, when there is chaos, when the world around you is crashing, one needs a hero to rescue us from danger, from catastrophes, from tragedies. That’s exactly what Mr. Trump offers to the citizens of a country who are still struggling in the dark ages, yearning to join the more advanced civilization. In his word, “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”

Day 4 ended with a bang! GOP offers to America a hero, the only one who is able to fight the forces of evil, the only one who is smart enough to defeat the devil and put America on the right track to greater and better future.

It was beautifully painted! I imagine Trump on a horse strapped in his armor, his head protected with a helmet and holding a shield, branding his sword ready to defend America against the evil Democrats. Who is best to take back the country from the evil society?

Except for a few upstanding Republicans – Kasich, Cruz, Bush – most have naturally lined up behind Trump in a move to show more loyalty to a party than to the country. If you are a Trump’ supporter, you’ve been undoubtedly thrown into a utopia world where everything looks grim, bleak, chaotic without the king (Trump) so you’re forced to serve, to worship and to defend him; your own survival depends on him.

Where Are The Patriots was written to provide you some insight on what a President Trump would mean to society in general, to America in particular.

If you are naïve enough to support Trump and your Party leaders are stupid enough to endorse him, keep the secret to yourself and don’t try to convince others to vote for Trump. No Trump’ supporter can claim to be a patriot, because no rational mind can propose a Trump administration as something to look forward to or something good for the country. Donald Trump is a Demagogue which will endanger the nation and isolate it from the world; it is the duty of all Americans to protect the Republic from such individual.

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