The Republican Convention – Day 3

Read Day 2. Really! Not much is different since Day 2 except of course Ted Cruz. But before giving you a brief summary of what happened on Day 3 at the Republican Convention, let’s take a quick look at the recent past, I mean the primaries. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (and all the rest of the Republican candidates’ team, there were 16 of them) got crushed singlehandedly by Donald Trump, not without warning however. In two separate occasions, I predicted in no uncertain term that both Ted and Marco aspirations for the presidency will not happen in this 2016 elections cycle. On December 18, 2015, a few days before the Christmas Holidays, I stated that both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Not Eligible To Be President for which article I got lambasted by those two candidates’ loyal supporters. My predictions were based on historical data which provided me enough confidence to write on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015, that both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Are Barred From The White House for which article I was insulted, cursed at and called many names. In other words, they both should have seen the humiliating defeat coming.

While they were both devastated by the defeat in the hands of the demagogue Donald Trump, Ted Cruz seemed to have taken it personal, too personal so much that he accepted the invite to speak at the Convention all the while planned to use the venue to continue his feud with Donald Trump in front of a national audience which brings me back to Day 3 of the Republican Convention.

It was also the day Trump’s running mate Mike Pence, former Governor of Indiana, spoke to a national audience and Trump’ supporters, pledged to do everything “in his power” to get his boss Donald Trump to the Oval Office.

But what dominated Day 3 besides Cruz was the familiar scene, the bashing Hillary non-stop, a strategy to avoid talking about the candidate the audience wish would occupy the Oval Office. It was a much too familiar scene, no speaker was brave enough to even attempt to talk about the nominee’s strength and ability. Applauses drawn by any speaker were mostly due to how insulting the speaker was in regards to Hillary Clinton. Any logical individual would have to ponder, why aren’t we showcasing our nominee’ strength, experience and ability? If you guess there is nothing to showcase and you are Republican, I declare you one of the few smart people left on the Republican Party.

During the primaries, Donald Trump had relied on two extremely effective strategies 1) bash, demean and ridicule his opponents 2) bet on his supporters’ gullibility to catapult him to the top of the ticket. The strategies worked; he now bets on those same strategies in the general elections. Don’t be fooled however! Donald Trump only has slogans to sell to his supporters; visit his website and it should be immediately obvious the Demagogue has no plan, no solution, no idea what it takes to run a country.

How Much Would President Trump Cost You was written to provide you some insight on what a President Trump would mean for your pocketbook. You may have been sold on his economic plan for the country; well, you were duped, plain and simple. This article gives you a “pocketbook” reason not to gamble the future of the country by choosing an unpredictable and mentally unsettling individual.

If you are naïve enough to support Trump and your Party leaders are stupid enough to endorse him, keep the secret to yourself and don’t try to convince others to vote for Trump. No Trump’ supporter can claim to be a patriot, because no rational mind can propose a Trump administration as something to look forward to or something good for the country. Donald Trump is a Demagogue which will endanger the nation and isolate it from the world; it is the duty of all Americans to protect the Republic from such individual.

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