The Republican Convention – Day One

Since the 1980’s the purpose of the Conventions has been to 1) coronate the party’s nominee 2) promote the party’s platform 3) rally the party’s loyalists 4) bash the opponent.

It is already obvious that Donald Trump has changed it a bit, well a lot. He departed from the norm which is for the nominee to make appearance on the last day of the Convention when he would be introduced, balloons confetti would be dropped, the crowd would roar in acceptance and approval of its nominee who would in turn toss political “red meat” during his acceptance speech. One would then expect the nominee’s speech to be interrupted every so often with applause, cheers and chants of victory. That was before Donald Trump.

In this ongoing Republican Convention, Trump cannot bear the idea of staying out of the spotlight for three consecutive days of the Convention; he would die. He is now front and center every day doing what Trump has been doing all along, promoting Trump.

After a few anti-Trump opponents got defeated on the floor of the Convention, – they were there to derail Trump’s nomination – the proceeding went full speed ahead marching towards the faithful day of Trump’s coronation. On the spotlight is Trump’s wife, Melania, who gave an impassioned speech – parts of which were literally extracted (translation: plagiarized) from Michelle Obama’ speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention – interrupted by applause, cheers and admiration. To her defense, Melania is not politically minded; fearful of her husband’s backlash, she played it safe by borrowing from someone who is highly regarded and whose life experience is somewhat comparable to hers.

Plagiarism aside, if day 1 is any indication, Hillary Clinton will occupy the spotlight with Trump; she is the punching bag for a successful Republican Convention. Contrary to the norm of conventions during which speaker after speaker would take the podium to lavish the party nominee with praise and prop up his experience and accomplishment, the speakers at the Republican Convention will stay clear of talking about Trump in any meaningful way; they will all avoid to refer to any specific about Trump; they will all talk about his opponent Hillary Clinton. Well, that’s what happens when you have a nominee who is not qualified to be president, something all intelligent Republicans already know and agree with.

If you are naïve enough to support Trump and your Party leaders are stupid enough to endorse him, keep the secret to yourself and don’t try to convince others to vote for Trump. No Trump’ supporter can claim to be a patriot, because no rational mind can propose a Trump administration as something to look forward to or something good for the country. Donald Trump is a Demagogue which will endanger the nation and isolate it from the world; it is the duty of all Americans to protect the Republic from such individual.


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