The Lynching of Hillary Clinton





For the first time in the history of the Republic is “lynching” considered in the case of a white individual, Hillary Clinton. She should have seen it coming i) she failed to route a black contender for the seat of the presidency in 2008 ii) she served in a “black” administration iii) she is running for president and has embraced several “black” agendas iv) she’s been advocating lately against race inequality and police brutality v) she is now campaigning with a “black” president. Yes Mrs. Clinton, Republicans have been lynching blacks forever; you could indeed make history, you may become the first white to be lynched in America.

After exhausting all resources and spending countless hours and millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on endless investigations into the Benghazi tragedy, – there were seven such probes, all of which led by Republican Representatives in Washington and cleared Mrs. Clinton of any wrongdoing – the GOP leaders had their last hope – to derail Hillary’s aspiration to become president – on an ongoing FBI investigation (completed on July 5, 2016) to put an end to her political career.


The Emailgate, a Benghazi Sequel

Republican leaders from across the spectrum of government, surrogates and anyone who vies for a position in a Trump’s administration wasted no time to express their disappointment of the outcome the FBI Director James Comey stated at a press conference on Tuesday, July 5, 2016; the bureau will recommend NO charge against Hillary. The press conference did not yet end when Republicans from all walks of life were already lashing out at the Director, and even questioning his judgement.

“The system is rigged” said the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Surprisingly he didn’t dwell on it but he didn’t miss the opportunity to theorize that the FBI Director must be “in bed with” the Attorney General and the White House.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Fox Opinion – known and referred to by most as Fox News – that Hillary is not qualified to be commander-in-chief for her mishandling of emails while Secretary of State. He came very close to suggest that the FBI director exercised bad judgement; Ryan stated that “while I respect the law enforcement professionals at the FBI, this announcement defies explanation…”

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor (January 1994 – December 2001), said on MSNBC that Hillary should have been charged; he too called FBI Director’s judgement into question, “FBI was wrong to not recommend charges”.

California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa – who led probes into the Benghazi attack – said that “The FBI decision shows once again how the Clintons and others at the top get to live by a different set of rules from everyone else.” Representative Issa is also the same individual who was happy to describe his success (into the Benghazi tragedy investigation) having managed to hurt Hillary’s poll numbers.

Another GOP congressman declared that “the Benghazi Committee was successful because it hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects.”

And, in September 2015, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) suggested that the Benghazi Committee was responsible for driving down the former Secretary of State’s poll numbers.

In October of that same year, House Republican, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY), admitted that the Benghazi Committee was “designed to go after” Clinton.

It is undeniably obvious that the Republicans’ mission is to destroy Hillary’s character by any means necessary, thus decreasing her chances to win in November. Unable to fault Mrs. Clinton for her handling of the Benghazi tragedy and having lost their last hope to derail her campaign with the FBI investigation, the Republicans are now in panic mode.


The GOP Witch Hunt

Their desperation grew bigger and bigger. Unable to make a case for their nominee, the Republicans see only one way to win the White House in November, to destroy Hillary’s character (did I mention that before?). Luckily for the Republicans, Hillary is not favorably viewed by the constituents; even those who support Bernie Sanders frequently cited Hillary’s untrustworthiness as the main reason they side with Bernie. So, Republicans are out to exploit the weakness. According to the Republican experts, she committed the unforgivable sin. By some weird, unheard of, Republican only calculation, Hillary is the only and the first public official to have made such grave mistakes. If you pay attention to the GOP run media, the rhetoric is over the top; they come close to asking for her public execution.

Fox Opinion naturally could not possibly come up with any reason why she should not be indicted. Ironically, there is no lack of examples on the Republican camp of gross negligence which has in fact cost the country dearly – the war in Iraq was the latest such instance – but the Republicans Legislators in Washington could not find compelling reasons to prosecute those responsible (translation: Republicans) for taking the country to war under false pretense (translation: lies). To the GOP, that was a minor inconvenience in comparison to what Hillary had done with the private email server.


Bill Clinton’s Gift to Republicans

As if Hillary didn’t have enough problem to deal with, Bill Clinton sent the Republicans the best gift they could ever wish for, he decided to catch up with his old buddy Loretta Lynch, US Attorney General at the most inopportune time.

When Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch last week – Saturday, July 2, 2016 – on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport, all hell broke loose. Republicans saw a smoking gun; something smelled fishy; Bill must have tried to sway the Attorney General over his wife’s email saga. The airwaves were filled with speculations and conspiracy theories.

Rightfully so!

Both Bill and Loretta should have known better but the situation for Loretta wasn’t as clear cut as some would want to think; how do you say NO to meet with a former president? Regardless, Bill Clinton made a real mess. It is probably true they didn’t talk about the ongoing FBI investigation; it is also possible that they did. Regardless, it was undoubtedly the worst mistake Bill Clinton must have made in his political career, at least if one believes he would like to help his wife become the next president of the United States.

Most Democrats approached the issue of the FBI investigation with plenty of reservation; it is no secret that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had a contingency plan for the eventuality of Hillary’s indictment over her use of a private email server. It is also worth noting that Senator Sanders made the calculation not to abandon the race in the likely event that his challenger, the former Secretary of State was indicted. Smart guy! It is now public knowledge that following the FBI recommendation NOT to charge Hillary, Bernie will officially endorse her next week.


The Future Revealed

Despite the looming FBI investigation (now over) into Mrs. Clinton’s emailgate, we were able to declare Hillary the next president of the United States before the outcome of the investigation.

Disclaimer: we knew a long time ago, probably well over six months, that the FBI investigation would lead to the conclusion that Hillary would not be charged.

No, we’re not psychic; we don’t work with or for FBI either nor do we have inside information; we rely on analysis of data, behavior and facts to make accurate deductions (Read the predictions for the 2016 presidential elections season here).


Hillary Is Smarter than a third Grader

On June 26, 2016, the article Madam President began this way “Today, I declare that the next president of the United States is unequivocally Hillary Clinton, the first female to be elected to this post since the creation of the Republic.” The article was published ten days before the FBI investigation concluded and the announcement NOT to charge Hillary was made, but just three days – July 2, 2016 – before the announcement, another article, Trumpageddon Avoided, not only reiterated that Hillary will be the next president but also crushed all hopes for the Trump’s supporters of a possibility he could be the next president, “To all those who are still holding hope that Donald Trump may become the next president of the United States, I have one simple advice: grow up, it’s not going to happen.”


How could we have been so sure FBI will not charge Hillary?

First, as we have frequently mentioned here in this blog, we turn off the chatters in the media, we filter out the noise of partisanship and party affiliation and avoid paying attention to what everyone else is saying about a topic in order to arrive at the most plausible conclusion and make accurate predictions. As such, in the case of the FBI “emailgate” investigation, we considered a few very important factors which screamed loudly that Hillary will not be charged.

1.—Hillary genuineness

Despite the ugly brush used by the Republicans and the GOP media to paint the Clintons in general, Hillary in particular in regards to the email saga, Hillary was very genuine (probably naïve but nevertheless genuine) in her use of a private email server and explained so over and over even before FBI began investigating into that issue.

If one has to rely on communication flow to get the job done: to close a business deal or to pass some important information – it could be classified, confidential and yes even top-secret – and has to go through hoops to make it happen, you’d be sympathetic to Mrs. Clinton resorting to a private server to conduct her business. – This is not to say it was the proper course of action – As Secretary of State, information flow is critical to doing your job; without information capability, your diplomacy expertise is of no use to the country.

Mrs. Clinton (naively) placed performing her duty (as Secretary of State) as higher priority than the top level of secrecy required by the job. That is in fact what put her in a lot of trouble; that is indeed a big error in judgement on her part. But one thing seems true throughout the whole email debacle, she did not resort to the use of a private email server in order to hide from scrutiny which would have been ground for indictment. That was the essence of the FBI investigation; did Hillary make use of a private email server to escape scrutiny? Did Mrs. Clinton have malicious intent? After reviewing tens of thousands of emails and interviewing dozens and dozens of employees working at the State Department, the FBI found no malicious intent on the part of Mrs. Clinton. Put differently, Hillary was careless, negligent but had no ulterior political motive. She could not be charged for carelessness, gross negligence; this is not to say those are good characteristics. Far from it! To find out whether there was malicious intent was what FBI was looking into, and it found none. Something we knew all along; we watched Mrs. Clinton’s interviews, parsed her statements carefully and concluded before FBI did that Hillary didn’t have ulterior motive when she decided to make use of a private email server.

GOP Blatant Double Standard

I do however find it ironic that the Republicans are all up in arms asking for Mrs. Clinton to be lynched for gross negligence but didn’t find it a bit criminal when Secretary of State Colin Powell was pressured to lie to the American People and the world regarding Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq; Republicans didn’t find it a bit criminal at best, treasonous that the Dick Cheney office leaked the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame who was on the verge of dismantling the lies about WMD in Iraq and his office lied about it to cover it up. With the leak, the Bush Five (George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Robert Gates and Donald Rumsfeld) officially ended Valerie’s career as a CIA agent but the Republican legislators classify those very serioius problems as less severe than Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server.

There was no congressional hearing about Colin Powell’s lies or the leak by Dick Cheney’s office but today, the Republicans in Washington are restless “trying to get to the bottom of FBI recommendation NOT to charge Hillary over the “UNBELIEVABLE” damage she’s done to the country.”

Give me a freakin’ break!

If anyone believes Republicans are outraged over FBI recommendation NOT to charge Hillary, you must be more naïve than a third grader. The strategy is to keep the issue in the news during the presidential elections in the hope that would do enough damage to Mrs. Clinton’s character and clear the path for Donald Trump to win the general elections in November.


2.— Hillary did her homework

While her foes were secretly celebrating over the possibility that she could be charged for the use of a private email server, Hillary was busy analyzing the extent and the damage her past error in judgement may have caused and playing the myriad scenarios which could affect the outcome of a run for the presidency. That is undoubtedly the reason it took her a bit longer to make the announcement of her intention to seek the office of the presidency. It is a decision Mrs. Clinton didn’t make lightly. Her aspirations to become the first female president in the United States were on full display in 2008. A setback by the nomination of Obama then didn’t crush those aspirations; in fact, Mrs. Clinton used the opportunity to hone her political and diplomatic skills further, she accepted to serve as Obama’s Secretary of State. That is also the reason she exited after Obama’s first term presidency. Smart she is!

Anyone who had made a run for the Oval Office or even explored the possibility is aware of the amount of effort, resources, planning and energy it takes to fight out the other contestants during the primaries and slug it out with the other party in the general elections. No one, especially NOT Mrs. Clinton, would begin a journey so demanding, so taxing if you have the slightest doubt your aspirations could be derailed in one instant because of an error you made in the past. Mrs. Clinton is obviously not a good campaigner like her husband Bill or her previous boss Obama but Hillary is a very calculated politician; she didn’t just jump into the race; she weighed the pros and cons of a successful run. As such, we knew well in advance that the FBI investigation into her use of a private email server would result in what the current outcome is, NO CHARGE.

Can Hillary repair the damage done by the FBI investigation?

Although the investigation has done serious damage to Mrs. Clinton’s character, the outcome has exacerbated it even further which plays right into Trump’s strategy for a victory in November. It is no secret that Trump relies exclusively on a simple nefarious strategy, to discredit his opponent enough to turn support away from the opponent, thus guaranteeing him a win. That has been Trump’s approach during the primaries, and it worked. But as discussed elsewhere, Donald Trump has absolutely nothing substantial to offer to the country. If you visit his campaign website,, it is immediately obvious why Trump doesn’t and cannot have any political strategy; he puts very little effort (if at all) to propose substantive solutions for problems in the country. Without re-hashing what’s already discussed elsewhere (here, here and here), a Trump presidency would be the worst tragedy which could happen to the country, to the world even since World War II.

For all it’s worth, Hillary is the lesser of two evils. As discussed in another article, “there are damages, tragedies, devastations one can never recover from; the Donald Trump’s prospect as the next president of the United States is one such instance. And even under the influence of delusion no one can justify a Trump administration as something to look forward to or anything good for the country…”

Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to become a patriot and defend the Republic from the impending danger of a Trump’s administration.


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