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Madam President explained

I may have been a bit ambiguous on my last post; when I declared Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, I also added that it was a prediction. I realized afterwards, mostly because of comments made by many, that I may have left some people confused as to what I meant. It is one of the biggest sin in writing, to leave the reader confused. So, I decided to redeem myself, clear the air and explain what I meant. I hope this time no one gets confused.

To all those who are still holding hope that Donald Trump may become the next president of the United States, I have one simple advice: grow up, it’s not going to happen. Since there are only two major partys’ candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, if it’s not going to be Donald Trump, can you guess who is left? Even if you’re not good in math, you should be able to put 2 and 2 together; here is a hint, it’s not 5.

Put differently, if it’s not Trump – I already declared it’s not – it has to be Hillary, right? The prediction – as there is no other way to refer to something which has yet to happen – was never about discussing your preferences or mine or providing a forum to debate how much you dislike Hillary, or how much of a B*!ch she is. No, it was just about predicting the outcome of the general elections, that’s all.

When I make predictions about the outcomes of race in the primaries, it was never to voice my preferences; all my predictions are based on research and analysis of various factors; that’s why I was able to accurately make a series of predictions in regards to the outcomes. So, my prediction of the general elections is very simple: Hillary Clinton will win in November; she is therefore the next president of the United States. The best way to explain it to those who may still be confused: on January 2017, when Obama exits the White House, Hillary Clinton will become the next occupant. I hope this clears up all confusions. You can call her whatever you want as long as you refer to her as Madam President.

Besides, do you hate Hillary so much you’d rather have a demagogue as president? No matter how you slice and dice your options, she is the lesser of two evils. Donald Trump is a very irrational and unstable individual.

In the beginning, I used to think Trump was putting on a show, and he did.  Although we had “shows” in past presidential elections, we had Herman Cain in 2012, we had Michelle Bachman, we had Ron Paul; heck, we even had Newt Gingrich but none of the past shows was broadcasted overseas and none of the showmen displayed such erratic behavior. Despite Trump’s outrageous and insulting statements towards several ethnic groups, I was not a #NEVERTRUMP disciple; in fact, I opposed the idea altogether.

But as time marched on and the Republican contestants couldn’t figure out a way to taper Trump’s rise in the polls, I began to worry about the fate of the country. When I was able to predict Trump as the GOP nominee, I worried even more. With his most likely opponent Hillary Clinton, still embroiled in an FBI investigation over past behavior, I panic. I began to script the scenario of a Trump’s administration for the next four years; it dawned on me that the Book of Revelation (last book in the Bible) has become more palatable, less scary. I worried some more. As I began to seriously think of options to survive Trumpageddon, I realized there is nowhere to run, there is nowhere to hide.

But something happened which gave me, and probably millions of other Americans, hope that a Trump’s administration would not happen after all. And that is a good thing for all Americans.

Unless one is suicidal, – I am not – unless one is unpatriotic, – I am not – unless one is deprived a rational mind, – I am not – there is ABSOLUTELY no way to rationalize a Trump’s administration as something to look forward to.

Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States, get used to it. Madam President will from November forward on the lips of every American and everyone in the world.

Madam President explained! Get used to it.


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