Where Are The Patriots

Since the beginning of the 2016 presidential elections cycle, my preferences were never a Republican or a Democrat; I was an ardent supporter of the Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders although I disagree with some of his policy proposals. I was his supporter and wrote many articles (here, here, here and here) to defend him against the “socialism bashing” from the left and the right. I supported Bernie because I am a patriot; I supported Bernie because he was the candidate who aligned most closely with what I believe a president should be, a President for The People. I supported Bernie despite the fact my analysis drove me to conclude quite a few months ago (November 4, 2015) Hillary will be the nominee. I held hope Bernie could prove my analysis flawed and wrong but to my great disappointment, his campaign provided another opportunity on April 24, 2016 to confirm that Bernie Sanders’ FeelTheBern movement was dead and the Vermont Senator will not be the nominee.


One thought on “Where Are The Patriots

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