Where Are The Patriots

I knew delusion is bad but I’ve never imagined so many could suffer of such mind illness. I must admit that I didn’t know delusion could become so devastatingly contagious. To claim that Donald Trump is better than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is beyond delusion! In which aspect could Trump possibly be better than Hillary for the country? Here is how I summed up the argument in a previous articleUnless one is completely delusional, there is absolutely no area of comparison between Donald and Hillary; to hate, do dislike, to resent and even to find her despicable does not in any way affect her qualifications. Mrs. Clinton is probably the only presidential candidate in modern time with such a long list of credentials; she is the most qualified candidate who has vied for the Oval Office in a very long time.” In which area is Trump better than Hillary again?


One thought on “Where Are The Patriots

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