Right-to-Life vs Right-to-Choose

ProLifers are definitely not okay with abortion. I am more inclined to side with the ProLifers on the whole abortion thing for reasons that may not necessarily align with their views. There was a time when I would struggle between going along with the ProLifers all the while sympathizing with the ProChoicers in regards to abortion, especially, exclusively in the case of incest and rape. Here is why. While ProLifers are inflexible and seem insensitive towards a woman who was raped and became pregnant, they are in no position to understand that the woman must re-live the traumatic experience every single day of the pregnancy (and beyond) all the while being inconvenienced by an outcome she hates with all her strength. While I sympathize with the woman, I am torn by the visual graphic of literally snuffing the life out of an unborn baby, especially in cases commonly referred to as late-term abortion.

What would you add?

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